Noelle boosts sales by 200% using Advanced Localized advertising

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Noelle is a well-known personal care brand that specializes in make-up brushes and accessories.
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eCommerce & Retail / Cosmetics
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Zagreb, HR
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Noelle is an established and growing personal care brand with its core products make-up brushes and make-up accessories that are loved by its fashion community across the European Union.

Noelle was looking for an innovative approach to drive in-store sales at its retail locations in both Germany and Austria. By working with Hunch, Noelle launched advanced localized Facebook advertising campaigns and doubled the number of purchased products.

Challenge // Challenge // Challenge

Get more people in the offline retail stores

Manually creating customized offers that targeted exact retail locations to drive foot traffic was a daunting task for Noelle. Also, promoting hundreds of products to hundreds of locations could easily scale the difficulty level to ‘impossible’ as it would result in 10k possible personalized offers.

On top of the advanced campaign needs, Noelle also wanted to squeeze the most out of advertising spend by testing different ad creative designs at scale.

Before partnering with Hunch, promotions typically relied on generic online campaigns and offline media.

solution // solution // solution

Advanced automated localized campaigns

Noelle partnered with Hunch to set up a data feed of retail store locations and target promotions to individual stores that enabled them to serve highly personalized offers based on locations targeted.

Using Hunch Creative Studio, Noelle built a location driven dynamic creative campaign and took control by combining both location data, product data, and creative data to launch highly targeted offers at scale – automatically.

With Hunch dynamic creative Noelle automatically targeted ads to specific locations but also increased creative relevance by associating the creatives with location by using location imagery.

results // results // results // results

Sales doubled for in-store purchases

Apart from Noelle seeing tremendous time-savings with the Hunch advanced localized campaigns, more than 150 local ads were produced with multiple creative variations. Using an automated approach to campaign creation, Noelle saved a ton of time and resources.

Noelle’s ad creative was enhanced to include both the Noelle and store location branding. Also, creative testing results helped prioritize best performing ads – automatically.

With these advanced location-based campaign settings, Hunch automated campaigns doubled sales for Noelle offline while also helping online sales grow.

”We have doubled the number of online orders and purchases in retail stores. Hunch helps you in a lot of different ways: from always-available team ready to help and improve your advertising, to a fantastic platform that gives you tons of unique superpowers.”Klara Banek, Content & digital marketing manager at Noelle

If you would like to find out more about how Hunch can help your e-comm store to increase sales through localized social advertising, then please get in touch for a free strategy call.

About Customer
Noelle is a well-known personal care brand that specializes in make-up brushes and accessories.
eCommerce & Retail / Cosmetics
Zagreb, HR
Hunch features used
Campaign efficiency

Location-based ads

Promote products using localized targeted creative and run multiple ad variants with different copy and images across hundreds of locations in local languages.


"We have doubled the number of online orders and purchases in retail stores."

Klara Banek
Klara Banek
Content & Digital Marketing Manager