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Case Study: DexyCo Automates Video Advertising by Unlocking Brand Data

The online eComm toy retailer DexyCo relies on Facebook and Instagram to advertise their products in several categories to different audiences. DexyCo had already ventured into creative automation by using Hunch capabilities with Facebook custom DPA templates.

DexyCo is a client who is focused on storytelling and user acquisition while having ambitious growth targets. They wanted to increase product consideration among new potential customers, drive more traffic to their online store, and finally, increase sales.

This is why they were interested in testing how the video would work for this objective. However previously they had encountered challenges in scaling the video production and customization for the desired audiences.

To execute these dynamic video ads, DexyCo turned to Hunch to produce an automated and scalable videos by setting up the following:

  1. A custom product feed that is constantly refreshed
  2. Video templates that are connected to their product feed
  3. Dynamic Ads campaign that produces videos pulling from the video template and product feed. This solution also launched the ads to Facebook and Instagram and kept them updated by reflecting changes from the product feed in real-time.

This type of campaign enabled DexyCo to employ Video dynamic templates to produce more relevant ads and make the ads more thumb-stopping.

All product and price information were automatically updated on the Video Ads to reflect changes in DexyCo’s product catalog.

Hunch’s solution with Dynamic Ads and Video template helped to reduce operation and production costs while providing a scalable way of engaging audiences with data-fueled ads.


  • Workflow efficiency
  • Saved time and higher quality ads
  • New prospects with Dynamic Video Ads

Let us know if you need with scaling revenue on paid social using automated dynamic videos.