Dexyco achieves 20x ROAS using creative automation

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Dexyco are leaders in importing and distributing the world’s leading toy manufacturers such as LEGO, Hasbro, MGA, Disney, Moose, Burago, Majorette, Revell, Tomy and many others.
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Belgrade, SRB
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Dexyco is a household name and leader in the children’s goods market in Serbia.

Since 2007, they have been developing their own retail network, Dexy Co Kids, which is the current focus of their strategic business. The Dexyco network in Serbia currently has 30 specialized retail facilities in 14 cities across the country.​

They achieved a 20x return on ad spend by using conditional layers on their creatives within Hunch. This enabled them to run attention-grabbing ads that racked up conversions.

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Achieve greater performance on all Paid Social platforms

Dexyco was already getting great results on Facebook because they knew their customers and what they liked. The challenge was to achieve even better performance from Paid Social ads by employing a new approach. Dexyco was ready to experiment with creative automation in order to grab the attention of all potential customers during its upcoming top-selling season.

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Engaging DPAs with attention-grabbing conditional layers

Hunch collaborated with the Dexyco team to bring their awesome static designs to life with attention-grabbing conditional layers in their DPAs.

Using Hunch, they applied conditional layers that showed a pink border and design around all items intended for girls and utilized blue for those intended for boys. Dexyco also used conditional layers that showed discount stickers on items that were on sale and the exact percentage off. These dynamic designs were applied to the entire product store before running their retargeting campaign.

The bright colors of the conditional layers helped their products stand out in Facebook feeds. To achieve maximum performance from these conditional layers, Dexyco created multiple ad sets as part of their sales funnel. They tested various dynamic templates with their products and Hunch identified the winning creative/product combinations.

A total of 150k unique product image ads were created for potential buyers during their top-selling season.

Dexyco also used A/B testing within Hunch and saw where their ads performed better with the carousel format as opposed to running single image ads. They created a rule that automatically turned off the ads that did not reach the threshold for conversions.

We also helped Dexyco set up automated rules and alerts that would notify them of their campaign’s performance. They were also able to identify how conditional layers affected traffic without leaving the Hunch platform.

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150k unique product ads for a 20x ROAS

The Dexyco / Hunch partnership proved the power of conditional layers and attention-grabbing creatives. Dexyco saw better customer engagement and a 20x return on ad spend during their busiest period ever.

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Conditional layers

Bring their awesome static designs to life with attention-grabbing conditional layers for more engaging DPAs.


"We achieved a 20x return on ad spend by using conditional layers on their creatives within Hunch."

Boris Bajčetić
Boris Bajčetić
Digital & BTL Marketing Manager