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Kreativa New Formula

Kreativa New Formula optimizes conversion costs without overextending the team via dynamic creative

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Kreativa New Formula is a marketing agency specialized eCommerce, operating in Southeast Europe (SEE). They focus on helping clients across industries to unlock their growth potential through digital technology
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Marketing agency
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Belgrade, SRB
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Kreativa New Formula, a marketing agency with strong eCommerce focus, in SEE, has a mission to help their clients across industries unlock their growth potential through digital technology. They help clients redefine their strategy, products and services in digital age, working on solutions to achieve their clients’ full growth potential, in the omnichannel scenario.

After 20 years of independent work, KNF is now an element of Alkemy. Established in 2012, Alkemy designs business evolution through data, technology and creativity. Alkemy is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing and innovation companies in Europe.

Kreativa New Formula was on the lookout for an easy way to connect the online shop feed with Facebook for their e-commerce clients.

With Hunch, they optimized the conversion costs for their clients without overloading their team.

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Run personalized ads on Facebook without overextending resources

A common challenge in the eCommerce space is being able to advertise a massive number of products to users without burdening the copy and design team. To appeal to the modern consumer, personalization is key. This is virtually impossible to achieve at scale manually.

KNF recognized this issue and wanted a solution that would not only automate the process for them but also create aesthetic and personalized ads.

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Dynamic creatives to create personalized ads at scale

KNF partnered with Hunch to generate thousands of customized ads to appeal to targeted audience segments.

By connecting their clients’ online shop to Hunch, they were able to leverage the Hunch Creative studio to create dynamic creative ads for Facebook. This helped KNF accelerate ad production since they were able to customize and swap out ad elements to personalize it for the consumer.

At the same time, the templates helped maintain consistency and overall aesthetic appeal.

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Optimized conversion costs + Engaging and personalized ads at scale

With Hunch’s help, KNF performance team has created personalized dynamic ads that helped them optimize conversion costs for their e-commerce clients.

“Hunch is great for appealing visuals – the best thing is the possibility to create and adjust products on the templates”Milica Đerić, in charge of social performance in Kreativa New Formula.

The automation also alleviated the burden on their team and helped them focus on other more important aspects of the campaign.

“Hunch is very valuable in terms of providing the important information, and also the tips for improving our campaigns and the look of templates.”

We succeed when our customers succeed. Are you a marketing and advertising agency looking to optimize your client’s conversions? Get in touch with us for a free strategy call today!

Dynamic Facebook ads

Accelerate ad production for Facebook advertising with dynamic ads and easily customize and swap out ad elements to personalize your offers.

Kreativa New Formula

"We had a hunch that Hunch could work for us. And we went for it. Now, it is included in our performance marketing activities for our e-commerce clients. It optimizes conversion costs and reduces the team workload."

Vera Lloyd-Thomas
Vera Lloyd-Thomas