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What’s new: The Localization package

Meet three enhanced Hunch features for executing localized campaigns. Introducing Location-ready Templates, Location Asset Customization and Automatic map locations in Templates.

Depending on the campaign strategy, DCO campaigns may fall into several verticals. One of the most commonly used strategies is localization.

When executing a successful localization campaign, you’ll usually encounter two common challenges: how to produce the required number of assets, and how to actually get the ads into a campaign?

The latest Hunch product update will do the work. It comes packed with features that enable you to easily launch and scale hyper-local campaigns. They’re all part of dynamic and personalized creatives, or narrowly - location-based personalization.

Let’s get to it.

Location-ready templates

Why should you use Location-ready templates?

Contextualized creative has proven to be one of the best ways to drive interactions up and advertising costs down. Location-ready templates make it easy to contextualize creative based on location and targeting data.

Why are they important?

Whenever a campaign carries location-based information, it’s crucial to present this information to the user. But, don’t bother worrying about it with this feature.

What problem do they solve?

Contextualizing the creative is challenging even with a small number of locations. When we’re talking about 100s of locations, it’s near impossible to produce all the required assets.

Using Hunch location-ready dynamic creatives, this can be set up in a few clicks.

What are they good for?

These templates are perfect for any campaign that tries to rely on location information, whether it’s delivery, area of delivery, or a new store location.

Location ready template

How do you integrate them into the existing process?

Location-based campaigns have been an integral part of the Hunch dynamic creative for a while now. The new location-based templates are a fresh addition to Creative studio which helps in making it easy for you to create the best-looking location creatives.

Location asset customization

Location asset customization

Why should you use Location asset customization?

Running location-based campaigns is challenging when you have a limited number of ads available on Facebook. Facebook introduced new account-wide limits in 2021 capping accounts at 500, or 1500 ads per account.

This has affected some of the business severely, however location asset customization lets you have a variable creative for multiple locations in a single ad.

Why is it important?

Location asset customization lets you keep the number of required ads down, while also giving you the freedom to personalize the ad experience for your users.

What problem does it solve?

Location asset customization lets you work with limits set on ad numbers.

What is it good for?

As the previous feature above, Local asset customization works great for any campaign that tries to rely on location information, whether it’s delivery, area of delivery, or a new store location.

How do you integrate it into the existing process?

Location asset customization is now a part of Hunch automated ads and can be activated with a single click in the campaign setup.

Automatic map locations in templates

Easy map generation

Why should you use Automatic map locations in templates?

Having the location shown in the creative positively affects user interaction with the ad and campaign overall. If a user sees that they’re near the location, they’ll be more likely to visit the desired location.

Why are they important?

If you need to show the way to the nearest store or want to drive users to a specific location, the best way to do this is to show them where it actually is. Now thank automatic map locations.

What problem do they solve?

Automatic map locations let you easily include maps in your creatives.

What are they good for?

Like all our updated location-related features, Automatic map locations work best in any campaign that tries to rely on location information, whether it’s delivery, area of delivery or a new store location.

How do you integrate them into the existing process?

By connecting Google Maps’ API into our feed, we enable users to quickly generate map images and use them in dynamic templates.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, this brief article has given you a better understanding of our newly enhanced features.

We understand creative matters most when making ads for customers so we work hard at enabling Hunch users to take advantage of all these possibilities, but results are exhibited through numbers.

Easily launch and scale hyper-local campaigns while delivering hundreds of engaging localized ads that drive results and lower costs, saving you tons of manual work time.

Try these features out for yourself or contact your dedicated Customer Success manager if you need any help with them.