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What’s new: Dynamic Store Campaigns

Meet the newly enhanced addition in the Localization package - Dynamic Store Campaigns for executing localized campaigns.

Successful global brands figured it out before you did - advertising locally works better than global ads on paid social. How can you deliver engaging and personalized ads that drive better results, lower costs and save you a ton of time, while also keeping your Facebook store page information relevant, tidy and up-to-date?

And what if you manage ads for multiple stores and need full coverage of their online pages and different campaign settings? Then all the pages need to be solely customized to their desired local shop, local audience, and local campaign purpose. Because local ads perform better than global ads.

Worry not! Hunch helps you make the best use of your store page information with the help of Dynamic Store Campaigns, the newly enhanced addition in the Localization package.

Let’s dig in.

Dynamic Store Campaigns

Crocs ad examples
Get local on Social!

Why should you use Dynamic Store Campaigns?

Delivering contextualized and relevant ad experience drives better performance in campaigns, and talking about retail stores - contextualized and relevant information is what you're looking for. IE, what your customers are looking for.

Make the best out of your localized campaign efforts and deliver forehand and accurate info through your multiple, and different, store pages.

Why are they important?

If you ever worried about the immensity of your products’ tracking and coverage, and all that on a scaling level, there’s no need to hire a handful of administrators to help you in managing your business.

Supporting page stores not only deliver the best ad experience but also give you control of how a campaign is delivered for each store.

What problem do they solve?

Running multiple different ads from multiple different campaigns on multiple different pages can be a handful and quite nerve and time-consuming, especially when preparing and launching one.

Dynamic Store Campaigns make it easy to create campaigns that are using multiple pages to run ads, specifically talking store pages.

What are they good for?

For creating, managing, editing, handling, launching and having full coverage and control over your online localized campaigns, while flawlessly delivering contextualized and relevant ad experience through your business’ page. Any retailer who's running performance campaigns and has multiple retail locations can wind down and focus on other aspects, such as optimizing operational efforts.

How do you integrate them into the existing process?

Simple! By downloading your stores from Facebook, you have all the data needed to drive Dynamic Store Campaigns. Plug in, sit back, and enjoy.

Download your store page data from Facebook and create a Hunch catalog.
Design a location-based template using dynamic store data.
Dynamic store campaign launching
Launch your store promotion campaign using dynamic locations in Hunch automated ads.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, this brief article has given you a better understanding of our newly enhanced feature.

We understand creative matters most when making ads for customers so we work hard at enabling Hunch users to take advantage of all these possibilities, but results are exhibited through numbers.

Easily launch and scale hyper-local campaigns while delivering hundreds of engaging localized ads that drive results and lower costs, saving you tons of manual work time.

Try it out for yourself and contact your dedicated Customer Success manager if you need any help with them.