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Win with Facebook Store traffic campaigns – different creative for different location

Facebook Store traffic campaigns can be a powerful way to direct your message and drive foot traffic. Customers expect that your brand knows them and can deliver what they want. So, how do brands grab attention with localized ads – in an exceptional way?

Hunch spent millions on Facebook Store traffic objective campaigns and got a 10x to 15x ROI. So what did we learn from spending big bucks on Facebook?

Why Facebook store traffic campaigns?

Facebook Location targeting helps you focus your advertising on the areas where you’ll find your customers. Localized advertising helps retail marketers to increase the share of mind and store walk-ins.

Location-specific targeting on Facebook is due to a marketing tactic known as geo-targeting. Geo-targeting allows you to target potential customers in a specific area based on country, region, or city. You can even geofence and reach customers even up to 100m radius.

Facebook store traffic campaigns let you interact with your customers in a hyper-local personalized manner that impacts ROAS and lower CPM.

Demand generation on Facebook is a key

Turns out, people like their products in places.

The reality is, now is a perfect time to connect with your audience. More people than ever are still mainly at home, so they’re consuming more content than usual.

Did you know: 97% of people are using social media for at least one to three hours a day. That opens for an opportunity.

As countries reopen, it is becoming a priority for the marketers to generate the demand for their products in retail (offline)

Generating demand with Facebook ads can lead people to consider new products and increase foot traffic in retail stores.

Increase share of mind and drive store walk-ins

Retail chain distribution is saturated with brand and product advertising. POS materials highlight flagship products, yet it’s up to online to prime the audience for purchase and makes sure your brand is top of mind for a user walking into the store.

Facebook is an excellent channel to drive in-store sales enabling retailers to target users with contextualized ads to that geographical location.

IN by an increasing share of mind and stay top of mind for Increased Store Walk-ins

Setting up a feed of stores and promotions to individual stores enables a flexible way to drive interest to stores. Create a list of all retail locations you have and enrich with address, longitude/latitude, weather data, google maps images, and location/language-specific offers.

You can use any kind of data to run Facebook store traffic campaigns.

Different ad creative for a different location

Let’s say you have 200+ locations, and you have a selection of products on sale. But you have an additional regional split like Switzerland, where people talk different languages (French, Italian, and German).

You can launch Facebook store traffic campaigns with language localization. You will build a powerful advertising system resulting in increased relevance and the number of sales in brick&mortar stores.

If executed right, your Facebook Store traffic ads could have a profound impact on your final ROI and increasing foot traffic.

Are you only online or selling across the market chain?

Geo-targeting probably won’t be the best way for you to identify customers.

That being said, if you regionally target (think: Leeds, UK), you benefit. If you’re a sports clothing retailer, you will advertise raining jackets to places where it actually gets raining. If weather changes often, so your ads also. Connect your CRM data and advertise different products or categories per store/location.

Weather ad example
You can use any kind of data to run Facebook store traffic campaigns.

Or, you might be like a personal care brand, like Noelle, which offers make-up brushes in different retail stores like BIPA and Muller. Facebook’s store visit ads make it easy to contextualize creative for hundreds of different locations.

The opportunity to do more with less

Driving in-store traffic on paid social using a more local approach while combining brand + performance with a small team takes many man-hours and is unprofitable.

The local advertising opportunity is huge and could make a profound difference in your performance in the upcoming Q3 and Q4.

Facebook localization campaigns present an opportunity for performance marketers, whose goal is to assist in retail sales.

Be more efficient with current resources and “Do More With Less”. Get in touch with Hunch for a free strategy call.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Facebook track store visits?

Facebook will track you in-store by following additional signals on mobile phones. These include things like detecting when the phone connects to a store's WiFi network, measuring how much time has elapsed since the last reset of the scrolling activity indicator, and analyzing proximity to other signal sources.

With these techniques, algorithms can detect both your visit and whether or not you'll buy anything.You’re scrolling through Facebook, and you wonder: How do I see tailored ads for retail stores near me? How do they know? Kinda creepy. Sure, except if you’re a performance marketer.