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Spirable vs. Hunch: Best Spirable alternative

Spirable is a creative performance platform that enables brands to create and optimize the performance of their video ads for campaigns. The platform facilitates this through its AI and data integration capabilities.

Hunch is a top Spirable alternative. Although the platform does not use the same terminology of “creative performance” it possesses the same data-driven creative optimization features in its platform as well. Hunch caters to a much wider array of businesses as it has a larger feature set that includes creative automation and campaign management.

There is an overlap in the features both platforms provide, but how do you know which one would be better suited for your business goals?

We decided to conduct a detailed and unbiased comparison of both platforms to help you decide. Information used for creating this comparison is gathered from different review websites, mentioned in the article, and from the website of the compared platform.

Comparison tables

Spirable is a UK-based ad-tech platform whose client base mainly consists of the sports industry. They cater to larger brands, while Hunch has been designed to provide value for businesses of all sizes, whether it is a major delivery scaleups like Gorillas or a medium-performance marketing agency.

For businesses that want complete creative automation and campaign management features (for display ads, banners and video ads) Hunch is the only viable solution of the two as Spirable has significant limitations which we will cover below.

Here’s a complete breakdown of all features both platforms provide:


Facebook (full) green-tick green-tick
Instagram (full) green-tick green-tick
TikTok (library and creative integration) green-tick balck-cross-icon
Snapchat (full) green-tick balck-cross-icon
Google ads green-tick green-tick
Custom metrics green-tick green-tick

Spirable does not offer TikTok or Snapchat integrations, which may be an important point to consider for certain businesses. Both Hunch and Spirable are Meta Business Partners.


DPA Product catalogs green-tick green-tick
DPA templates green-tick green-tick
Display ads and banners green-tick balck-cross-icon
Campaign management green-tick balck-cross-icon
Rules and automation green-tick green-tick
Reporting green-tick green-tick
Automated media buying green-tick balck-cross-icon
Workflow automation green-tick balck-cross-icon
Contextual advertising green-tick green-tick

Spirable’s most unique feature is its ability to integrate video creatives with countless data feeds: CRM data, social data, contextual data and more. On a more fundamental level, Spirable primarily functions as a “creative versioning” tool. In other words, it serves to help marketers generate variants of ads at scale.

Hunch has similar personalization and creative automation capabilities, but also prioritizes other crucial aspects of the performance marketing lifecycle such as workflow automation, campaign management and campaign optimization.

Most importantly, Spirable is limited to video ads. For performance marketing agencies or businesses that want to run more effective ad campaigns across various channels, this may be suboptimal.

Services and support

Customer success green-tick green-tick
Account management green-tick green-tick
Training services green-tick green-tick
Professional services
Solutions and integrations green-tick green-tick
Creative and production green-tick balck-cross-icon
Strategy green-tick balck-cross-icon
Support (24/7) balck-cross-icon balck-cross-icon
Knowledge base green-tick green-tick

Spirable is a self-serve platform, while Hunch offers managed services as well. Hunch offers a multitude of “smart” features, many of which are built into its platform. Services such as automated post boosting leverage creative insights to optimize your ad campaigns.


Flexible green-tick green-tick
Project-based green-tick balck-cross-icon
Pricing Structure Direct platform spend Customized quote
Subscription green-tick green-tick

Hunch only charges based on ad spend going through its platform. When leveraging Hunch as a software with a service, you can choose between two plans: monthly and yearly. Plans refer to the commitment to Hunch, not to the ad spend. In the trial period, Hunch brings 3 dynamic image templates and 2 dynamic video templates to give you something to start with.

Another way to use the platform is to choose an end-to-end creative solution. For such a solution you get tailored pricing, based on the creative service the platform and the team behind provide. Check the Hunch pricing here.

On the other hand, Spirable is not transparent when it comes to its pricing. They offer a customized quote based on your requirements, which means you’ll never really know if you’re getting the best bang for your buck. You may also have months where your creative requirements are less but you will still have to pay the same fee which can feel like an inefficient use of resources.


Spirable Review from G2:


“The interface is easy to use to build your own dynamic videos. You can easy add in graphics and videos to compile your own creative solutions. The template builder allows for this. The batch render solution is also helpful as we have been able to render 100s of videos in one go saving us a lot of time."


“Sometime the template builder can be a bit clunky and have some minor bugs but the Spirable team are always there to help out and look for solutions. It would also be good if some more functionaly can be built into the template builder.”

Hunch Review from G2:


“I love that you can make thousands of custom ads from all your e-commerce products just by creating 1 template. This helps you to test your ad creative very fast and find which one performs the best. This process would usually spend a lot of time and resources while Hunch lets you do it automatically.
You can even connect your account with Google Analytics and let Hunch create ads from just your best-performing products to increase your profit.

Another great feature is smart automatic post boosting. This would mean that you can make your regular organic post content and with certain rules, Hunch can automatically create an ad from this post and target this ad to the people depending on the content of the post.
Also, Hunch advanced alerts and rules can help you stop bad ads and scale on good-performing ads.
Amazing tool for saving your time and running ads more efficiently.”


“Nothing really. If there are any hiccups in the software, their team solves it really fast.
This is a must-have tool for all e-commerce brands with over 50 products as it saves time and money with automatic ads creation.”

Hunch's unique angle

Hunch offers far greater functionality from a Paid Social advertising perspective. For starters, Spirable is limited to video ads which is a big limitation in and of itself. Even if you are solely looking for automating your video ad production, Spirable has minimal data management capabilities. Hunch offers a convenient dashboard where you can track, analyze and optimize your ad campaigns in real-time.

The end goal of Hunch is to ensure that you are able to run the most effective Paid Social campaigns as possible. Hunch’s Creative Studio has been equipped with almost every kind of feature a performance marketer would require to customize their campaigns, double down on winning creatives and eliminate non-performing ones.

Pros and cons comparison of both platforms

Here’s a consolidated list of pros and cons of each platform to help you make an informed decision:



  • Full-stack solution for ad production, creative automation and workflow automation
  • Campaign management and optimization
  • Actionable creative insights
  • Creative Studio for both image and videos
  • Flexible and transparent pricing


  • Newer technology on the market
  • Learning curve for new ad-tech users
  • It isn’t a hybrid marketing agency
  • Specialized for B2C brands and SMBs



  • API integrations with all the major advertising platforms
  • Dynamically personalize all aspects of video creative
  • Integrate video creative with an unlimited amount of data feeds including CRM data, social audience data, location data and live contextual data.


  • Limited to video ads
  • More of a creative versioning tool
  • Reported bugs in the ad builder platform
  • No real-time preview
  • User interface performance is not fluid

Why choose Hunch?

Hunch simply offers more features and is an end-to-end campaign management solution. Leveraging Hunch helps launch omnichannel campaigns effortlessly, whether it is TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. Moreover, Hunch goes out of its way to provide additional support and help businesses utilize the platform to its full potential.

Check out our case study: How Dexyco, a household name and leader in the children’s goods market, achieved a 20x return on ad spend by using conditional layers on their creatives within Hunch. This enabled them to run attention-grabbing ads that racked up conversions. This led to Dexyco seeing one of their most successful months ever almost immediately after leveraging Hunch’s platform!

Why not test out Hunch to see for yourself how it is one of the most powerful tools on the market if you want to win at Paid Social? Book a demo and we’ll be glad to assist you!