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Hunch boosts Fingerspitz’s CTR by 129% with Automation and Innovation

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Fingerspitz is an innovative Dutch digital marketing agency.
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Breda, NL
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Fingerspitz is an award-winning Dutch marketing agency that excels in smart online growth, offering expertise in strategy, digital marketing, content creation, and data automation in various markets.

Teamed up with Hunch, they made an innovative brand awareness campaign for Vogel's - an internationally renowned Dutch company specialized in manufacturing mounts and support systems for audio/video and multimedia equipment.

Here’s how to stand out in a tiny, but competitive niche with unique award-worthy ads.

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Get more users to engage with the brand, but with a twist!

Implementing a Facebook brand awareness strategy in the competitive German market for Vogel’s demanded creative brainstorming. The challenge was to boost ad clicks for TV mounts, avoiding simple DPAs.

To sustain engagement, you always need to come up with fresh ideas. This means producing more creative, making minor edits, and bringing in more designers and budget.

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AI combined with automated campaign management

Innovation is in the genes of Fingerspitz. With Hunch’s data and creative solutions, they beat all projections through relevant video ads.

They started with brand saliance by identifying entry points for customers to showcase what's relevant to them in the moment so they’re more likely to react. For Vogel’s, that entry point was watching their favorite TV show.

The video ads featured slightly blurred inserts from the most popular TV programs from the previous day, ensuring relevant content matched relevant audiences.

Their approach involved a scraper collecting data on the most-watched TV content from the previous day, which was integrated into a central sheet with ChatGPT. ChatGPT determined the likely audience demographics for each program, and found clips from trailers or commercials online to use as image or video links in the sheet.

Fingerspitz imported them into Hunch and utilized the Creative Video Studio to build a custom video template dynamically updated daily based on relevant viewing data, generating personalized video ads for each viewer.

Age and gender were set as dynamic targeting options, showcasing up to 5 relevant video ads to 6 different category groups daily. Hunch also made a budget reallocation solution for Fingerspitz. The budget was recalculated daily based on viewing data and market trends, and reallocated per currently popular ad group showing relevant data to relevant age and gender audiences.

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Winning campaigns with innovation and automation

Hunch simplified daily tasks and streamlined Fingerspitz’s workflow with dynamic campaigns. The automated solution combined with AI provided more room for innovation and strategy, enabling Fingerspitz to deliver unique dynamic video ads to relevant wide audiences. This efficiency allowed a single designer from their team to handle all video ad variations, highlighting the power of automation.

Fingerspitz also did a matchmarket test in two German regions, comparing two campaigns with the same setup. The Hunch-from-scratch campaign delivered exceptional performance for Fingerspitz, including:

  • 129% CTR improvement
  • over 4000 unique video ads

If you’d like to find out more about how Hunch can help your business increase engagement with scalable video ads through automated campaigns, give us a call or contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Automated Video Ads

Fingerspitz built a custom video template which was dynamically updated daily based on relevant 3rd-party viewing data, generating dozens of personalized video ads for each viewer every day.


"Hunch makes our day-to-day work easier, faster, and we have more time for strategic talks with our clients. Without Hunch, our campaigns would be simple, but with Hunch, we effortlessly build and scale dynamic ads."

Guy Schepers
Guy Schepers
Head of Paid at Fingerspitz