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Traffic Builders helped CNV in recruiting members and raising brand awareness with automated on-brand creatives

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Traffic Builders is one of the biggest Dutch digital marketing agencies, with a wide area of online expertise.
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Traffic Builders is one of the biggest Dutch digital marketing agencies, pushing marketing boundaries both domestically and internationally, with a wide area of online expertise.

The biggest trade union in the Netherlands – CNV, asked Traffic Builders to develop a strategy to reach more relevant audiences with more brand recognition across multiple channels. And an even ‘simpler’ request – all that without overcomplicating the campaign set-up.

Hunch helped Traffic Builders in generating automated and personalized ads for each target group, with swift edits and relevant templates in the Hunch Creative Studio.

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Precisely reach and engage client’s new members

Since CNV is a trade union, they’re always looking for new members and ways to inform the target audience of their offers. For CNV, targeting the audience is not an easy feat because the target group includes people in various professions and collective labor agreements.

But for Traffic Builders, the challenge was how to develop a strategy to reach all these target groups with one campaign. So, being their longtime partner, Hunch made a custom solution for them.

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Hunch Creative Studio for automated branded creatives

In order to inform and convince the target group, Traffic Builders opt for a full-funnel, always-on campaign. When reaching out, they informed specific sectors such as construction, transport, trade, health care, industry and wholesale with relevant creative templates. When engaged, the sectors were retargeted and shown look-a-like profiles to further inform the target group. To convert people in those sectors, Traffic Builders pushed CNV member stories that resonate the best with the audience’s preference.

Traffic Builders used Hunch to generate automated and personalized ads. Small differences in text and creatives were dynamically updated within the Hunch Creative Studio, creating sector-specific ads, within relevant templates. With a one-time setup, Traffic Builders can develop new creatives at every stage of the customer journey, with minimal updates. So, they didn’t need to build ads from scratch every time.

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Brand awareness uplift with 7x website visits

The result is an always-on campaign across multiple channels. And for Social, Traffic Builders developed ads that had to generate awareness for CNV.

After running the campaign for a year, Traffic Builders’ YoY results for the CNV case skyrocketed.

  • Impressions: +28%
  • Clicks: +20%
  • CPM: -43%
  • Quality visits website: +717%

If you’d like to find out more about how Hunch can help your business increase performance with branded creatives, then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch for a free strategy call.

Branded Creatives

Traffic Builders leveraged the Hunch Creative Studio to generate automated and personalized on-brand creatives for CNV’s prospecting and retargeting campaigns on multiple channels.

Traffic Builders

"We managed to make CNV recognizable in the whole region with 7x website visits and a 43% drop in CPM on multiple channels. Hunch’s Design team assisted in making branded creatives in the Hunch Creative Studio that convert through the whole customer journey."

Daphne Kesler
Daphne Kesler
Growth & Innovation Consultant