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Celtra vs Hunch

Considering a Celtra alternative? Meet Hunch.

Celtra is a great company, but their focus is primarily on the production aspect of the creative process. With Hunch, you get full stack social integration, from dynamic ad production to campaign management and workflow automation. If you want to extend your dynamic creative onto Paid Social – that’s where Hunch comes in.

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Delivering creative and media excellence to industry leading marketing teams

50% decrease in CPA
67% ROI uplift
43% CPM drop
Reduced time to launch to zero
Cross channel Dynamic Creative
6X ROAS on video for hotels
Dynamic video on Paid Social
3x return on Paid Social
celtra vs hunch
celtra vs hunch
celtra vs hunch
celtra vs hunch
celtra vs hunch
celtra vs hunch
celtra vs hunch
celtra vs hunch
celtra vs hunch

Hunch or Celtra?

Here’s a complete breakdown of all features both platforms provide:

Facebook (full) green-tick green-tick
Instagram (full) green-tick green-tick
TikTok (library and creative integration) green-tick green-tick
Snapchat (full) green-tick balck-cross-icon
Google ads (rules and automations) green-tick green-tick
Custom metrics green-tick green-tick
DPA Product catalogs green-tick green-tick
DPA templates green-tick green-tick
Automated ads green-tick green-tick
Automated campaigns green-tick balck-cross-icon
Campaign management green-tick balck-cross-icon
Rules & Automations green-tick green-tick
Reporting green-tick green-tick
Automated Media Buying green-tick balck-cross-icon
Customer success green-tick green-tick
Account management green-tick green-tick
Training services green-tick green-tick
Proffesional services
Solutions and integrations green-tick green-tick
Creative and production green-tick green-tick
Strategy green-tick balck-cross-icon
Support (24/7) balck-cross-icon green-tick
Knowledge base green-tick green-tick
Flexible green-tick green-tick
Project based green-tick balck-cross-icon
Pricing Structure Direct platform spend Percentage of impressions
Subscription green-tick green-tick