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Celtra vs Hunch: Best Celtra alternative for social media advertising

The main difference between Celtra and Hunch is that Hunch gives you better workflow automation with the option to publish, manage and optimize campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat directly through our platform.

Celtra is a creative management platform that allows users to create dynamic and contextual ads, manage social ad performance across channels and streamline creative production.

Hunch is a popular Celtra alternative. It is an AI powered creative management platform plus a campaign management tool. Hunch allows users to scale their creative production while also being able to monitor their results and optimize their campaigns all in one place.

We did extensive research to provide you with an unbiased comparison between Hunch and Celtra so that you can choose which platform is best for your specific advertising goals.

Comparison tables

Hunch specializes in serving performance marketing agencies and mid-market companies. However, while Hunch is still attractive for SMBs because of its flexible pricing model, Celtra caters more towards the mid-market segment of companies that have a relatively higher ad spend.

While both Hunch and Celtra can provide great results, they have significant differences in terms of features, user experience, pricing and additional services.

Hunch is an invaluable Celtra alternative for companies that want a more comprehensive advertising solution with more features while still being affordable.

Here’s a complete breakdown of all features both platforms provide:

Social Advertising

Unlike Celtra, Hunch offers comprehensive campaign management and automated media buying solutions. Hunch is also a Meta Business Partner, that enables you to scale across formats, placements and social channels easily.

Social Advertising Celtra
Campaign Management on Meta and Snapchat green-tick balck-cross-icon
Automated Media Buying green-tick balck-cross-icon
DPA Templates green-tick green-tick
DPA Catalogs green-tick green-tick
Product Level Video green-tick green-tick
Rules & Automation green-tick green-tick
Reporting green-tick green-tick

Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions Celtra
Creative Studio (image & video) green-tick green-tick
Keyframe Animation green-tick green-tick
Brand Kit green-tick green-tick
Conditional visibility green-tick green-tick
AI Background Removal green-tick balck-cross-icon
AI Color Discovery green-tick balck-cross-icon
AI Dynamic Layout Orientation green-tick balck-cross-icon
AI Text Assistant balck-cross-icon green-tick

Hunch offers both automation of creative production and campaign management, while Celtra’s focus is solely on the production aspect of the creative process.

Hunch offers a centralized hub where users can optimize all Paid Social marketing efforts even after launch, which is a huge benefit for companies looking for a full-stack platform for all Paid Social activities. On the other hand, Celtra is limited to traditional use cases of the dynamic creative ad production. This is what makes Hunch a highly appealing Celtra alternative.

If you are looking to set up dynamic ads for multi-regional campaigns and cross-account workflows, Hunch offers a far superior solution due to its ability to help you monitor and optimize your campaigns.


Service Celtra
Customer Success green-tick green-tick
Onboarding & Training green-tick green-tick
Support Chat green-tick green-tick

Hunch offers a wider range of production support services, which Celtra is unable to provide since it does not have campaign management functionality as explained earlier.

When it comes to strategy support, Hunch shines as one of the top Celtra alternatives in this regard. Hunch offers services such as automated post boosting and leverages creative insights to optimize your ad campaigns. For example, if you connect your Google Analytics account to Hunch, it identifies your top-performing products and creates ads for them. Such features make Hunch highly appealing for creative testing and iteration.


Pricing Celtra
Flexible green-tick green-tick
Subscription Model green-tick green-tick
Pricing Structure Based on Hunch-created campaigns Based on percentage of impressions

Both Hunch and Celtra have completely different pricing models, so based on your requirements you may see greater value in one platform over the other.

Celtra charges users based on impression cost which is multiplied by the format of the ad. For example, if you run a rich media ad with DCO via Celtra, your final ad cost will be 2.5x the base impression cost. So while the base cost might seem low, you will likely be paying much more than this quoted price once you start implementing ads.

On the other hand, Hunch is basing the pricing only on ad spend going through the platform. This makes Hunch far more cost-effective for paid social campaigns.


Celtra Review from G2


“The best part of Celtra is how quick and easy you can build a creative and make it look really cool to make users engage with the content. Celtra's creative preview tool works great and is a necessity and also the UI itself is easy to navigate and does not lag in terms of load time.
The search functionality is awesome! In terms of formats, you can practically create anything you want. The interscroller is one of my favourites!”


Sometimes is limited in the amount of extra options, the colour scheme can make it easy to lose your place.and there's no bulk editing option so task completion can take a lot of time.
Normally you have to be careful with how many impressions you set up in your ad server cause it can cause a discrepancy between Celtra and the ad server.
The last thing I would dislike is the final render of the creatives cause sometimes it doesn't load as quick as it should on some devices. It really struggles with low-end devices.”

Hunch Review from G2:

“I love that you can make thousands of custom ads from all your e-commerce products just by creating 1 template. This helps you to test your ad creative very fast and find which one performs the best. This process would usually spend a lot of time and resources while Hunch lets you do it automatically.
You can even connect your account with Google Analytics and let Hunch create ads from just your best-performing products to increase your profit.
Another great feature is smart automatic post boosting. This would mean that you can make your regular organic post content and with certain rules, Hunch can automatically create an ad from this post and target this ad to the people depending on the content of the post.
Also, Hunch advanced alerts and rules can help you stop bad ads and scale on good-performing ads.
Amazing tool for saving your time and running ads more efficiently.”


“Nothing really. If there are any hiccups in the software, their team solves it really fast.This is a must-have tool for all e-commerce brands with over 50 products as it saves time and money with automatic ads creation.”

Hunch’s unique angle: What makes Hunch a superior choice to Celtra?

The biggest differentiating factor between Hunch and Celtra is that Hunch offers a more extensive range of advertising solutions within one platform. The campaign management features complement the creative automation platform beautifully, which helps SMBs run effective campaigns for their ads.

For businesses looking to optimize their Paid Social efforts, Hunch is one of the most competitive Celtra alternatives available. Its functionality extends beyond DCO to workflow automation, cross-functional collaboration and data-driven insights to drive successful ad campaigns.

Pros and Cons comparison: Is Hunch truly the best Celtra alternative compared to other creative automation platforms?

Here’s a consolidated list of pros and cons of each platform to help you make an informed decision:



  • It gives you the ability to fully automate your advertising for Paid Social
  • Nifty technology powered by AI
  • Full-stack solution for ad production
  • Campaign management for monitoring
  • Has its Creative Studio for both images and videos
  • Flexible pricing


  • Smaller company
  • Focus solely on social media advertising
  • It isn’t a hybrid marketing agency
  • Video and image templates have a small learning curve



  • Celtra's creative preview tool works well
  • The UI itself is easy to navigate and does not lag in terms of load time
  • The search functionality works well
  • Large company with a track record of success
  • Deliver dynamic creative, at scale across the entire media plan, in real-time


  • It does not encourage the ability to configure and set quick customization criteria
  • Expensive compared to similar products
  • Workflow is convoluted, has a learning curve
  • Purely a creative management platform, no campaign management functionality
  • The onboarding process can be extensive, particularly for organizations with no experience with creative automation or DCO

Why Choose Hunch?

To recapitulate, Hunch goes above and beyond what Celtra has to offer SMBs in one intuitive platform. While Celtra is an excellent tool, it is limited to creative production. On the other hand, Hunch offers everything Celtra does and more.

Campaign management is an equally important part of the advertising process, and Hunch prides itself on being able to deliver on this aspect. For an all-in-one platform that allows brands to scale their creative production and analytics to guide their creative process, Hunch is clearly a superior Celtra alternative.

To support this bold claim, here are some statistics: Independent agencies and brands that have used Hunch growth playbooks report a 30% increase in performance using dynamic and automated ads, a 60% decrease in time required to launch and manage campaigns, and 25% more conversions using customized on-brand templates.

We have illustrated this in our case study. Check out how to lower CAC by 47% by leveraging our platform for localization at scale.

Still not convinced? Try out the Hunch platform and we’ll be glad to assist you with any questions you may have. Book a demo and discover how to accelerate your growth through Paid Social now!