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Build Shopper Urgency for more Sales in the Peak Holiday Season

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year. For marketers, Q3 and Q4 aren't all candy canes and tinsel. Instead, it's a race against time to boost sales KPIs, all while staying within budget and not working off-hours.

Urgency is imperative here, for you and your shoppers. In a season where competition heats up faster than mulled wine, your flash sale campaigns need to ignite FOMO among your shoppers.

Meta has reported a 20% year-over-year increase in Q4 conversions, and recognized a couple of methods that actually work. With the most competitive time of the year for a Paid Social advertiser just around the corner, Hunch is there to help you put these methods to work.

Holiday shopping has already begun

Macroeconomic factors have led to more people shopping earlier than in previous years. By mid-October, shoppers complete 21% of their holiday shopping on average. Marketers must keep up with the evolving holiday shopping timeline.

This period also sends CPMs through the roof, so you need to be frugal in everything you do. Announce your flash sale campaign on time, and let your shopper know that something is coming so they get that sense of anticipation. It's not just a sale - it's a sensation.

If you get your shopper to buy after 2 impressions rather than having to show an ad multiple times, you’re already improving your ROAS, and this is exactly what this sense of urgency does.

We're not here to sugarcoat, we're here to power your peak holiday shopping campaigns with AI and automation, so you can enjoy this period as well.

Craft the irresistible urgency with killer creative

The increasing sophistication of immersive and entertaining shopping experiences, like video or AI, has opened up new opportunities for brands to connect with shoppers.

From audience curation to data deployment - creative holds the key.

According to Meta, showing the sale price on your ads drives more conversions in 86% of cases. The Hunch Creative Studio lets you seamlessly incorporate prices, discounts, and countdowns, arming you to make each impression count.

black friday ad - flash sale
A sale price next to the original one on your product drives more conversions.

But that’s not enough to rise above potential ad fatigue and banner blindness. Video ads will make your products stand out in all the hot placements. With the Hunch Creative Video Studio you can easily tailor your message for each audience, re-engage active shoppers, or cross-sell offers.

The impact of video ads - higher CTR&ROAS, and lower CPA.

Prepare your creatives for holiday success with AI

Meta reports that showing authenticity and the quality of your products through product ads helps 80% more of your shoppers make decisions.

The evolution of Dynamic Product ads.

Hunch introduces the next level of DPA, giving modern marketers more creative freedom for better creatives. You can rely on our background removal tool to highlight your products in the best possible way, insert reviews and testimonials into ads, or use Hunch product discovery tools such as colour analysis, or aspect ratio analysis, to build the best ad for your products.

AI-powered ads - flash sale
Elevate your creatives with Hunch’s AI-powered tools.

Advantage+ for ROAS surplus

For these time-sensitive campaigns, you want your ads to exit the learning phase as soon as possible and find the right audience that will bring ROAS.

Meta recommends a simple campaign structure. One ad set, and a couple of killer creatives with pre-made templates, because a simple structure makes the learning phase quicker. Your learning curve stays steep, and your conversions keep climbing.

  • What Meta actually says is that you’ll get better results by running Advantage+ shopping campaigns. If you already have an active one that’s running great - make it superb during the holidays, without pausing it. Enrich it with new enhanced DPAs though our Ad insertion feature for ASC.
peak holiday season enhanced dpa for advantage+
A fresh approach to your existing Advantage+ campaigns - Ad insertion.

Any changes to the campaign setup won’t affect the learning, but bring better conversions. This is your sign to add an extra (Advantage) ‘+‘ to your holiday revenue.

peak holiday season ad insertion for advantage+

Be bold, be brave - for more sales

Digital transformation has boosted the eCommerce industry, making online holiday sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday more important than ever. Globally, shoppers spend more, especially on mobile. You must be where they are - Master DPAs, slideshow, video ads, in all sizes. But don’t drown in the sea of endless generic ads without a clear goal. 

Don't be that marketer. You only get this chance once a year.