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How to stop overcomplicating your Facebook ad strategy

Multiple layers, funnels, upsells and tripwires work great- for big names like Tony Robbins and Frank Kern. They are usually very expensive to implement, test and get working, so for 95% of businesses, they’re unnecessary.

A lot of people plan elaborate funnels that are unrealistic. The problem isn’t so much over-complication as it is just randomness. To combat this, I’ve prepared some simple yet effective Facebook ads funnels, broken down for different business types so that you can improve your Facebook ad strategy in 2019.

eCommerce and subscription Facebook ad strategy

This sales funnel is best suited for businesses that specialize in retail, real estate or SaaS.

When advertisers first started using video ads into their strategies, it was largely seen as a means for driving engagement. Now, video ads are seen as a golden ticket towards conversions.

Video ads get up to 20% more clicks than images do. Don’t miss out on this.

  1. Make a 30-60 second video ad of your product with a link that sends viewers to the product page.
  2. Retarget those who viewed the product, added to cart and looked at reviews, case studies or discounts.
  3. Use direct response marketing copy: clearly present a problem that your target audience has, why that problem is annoying and offer the ultimate solution. Don’t forget to link to your product again.
  4. Use sales funnel software to create a compelling upsell or down-sell offer.

Why it works

It uses the Facebook algorithm to retarget. Video views are cheap and thus you have less to lose. You can reallocate spend to people that you’ve already identified as good leads. Retargeting costs less and often converts more since users are more likely to engage with brands they’re familiar with.

How to approach it

  1. Select the Video Views Objective, and focus your efforts on showing and demonstrating your product. This is especially great for generating brand awareness without pushing the hard sell.
  2. Use different ad sets to A/B test various interests when targeting. Next, create lookalike audiences based on those that viewed your video, product, or made a purchase. Install the Facebook Retargeting Pixel so that Facebook can automatically generate new audiences similar to the original one.
  3. Run A/B tests so as to finesse a specific combination of targets that yield the best results. Keep in mind the lifetime value of a client and balance that with an acceptable CPA.

Service businesses Facebook ad strategy

This funnel is best suited for businesses that provide services like marketing, coaching or accounting.

  1. Set “conversion” as your campaign objective
  2. Your Facebook ad link must lead to a well-structured landing page that offers a freebie. A superior landing page is designed to help the visitor make the next logical step in the customer journey. Your freebie should be something of value to your ideal customer If you offer a freebie on your landing page, visitors won’t think twice before exchanging it for their email address.
  3. Set up an autoresponder email sequence that sells to them.

Why it works

Facebook ads are becoming increasingly expensive. If you sell services that require a longer sales cycle, utilize email. It’s cheap and allows you to build relationships over a longer period of time.

How to approach it

  1. Don’t bombard your audience with the hard-sell approach.
  2. Your Facebook ad should entice your audience with the value of the content and be reinforced on the landing page.
  3. Try to solve a problem or give a result that your target customers would be interested in.

Ideas for the freebie

  • PDF
  • Webinar
  • Template
  • Video series
  • Report
  • Cheatsheet
  • Training

Obtain the prospect’s email address first. Once they’ve landed on the thank you page, you can direct them to download and retrieve the freebie. This is also an opportunity to mention any Facebook groups that they can join.

Local businesses Facebook ad strategy

This funnel is best suited for local businesses like gyms, home cleaning or restaurants.

  1. Use the Lead Generation objective and lead form. Your Facebook ad should entice viewers with the value of your offer.
  2. Ask for a name, email and phone number to make a personal follow up as easy as possible.
  3. Make contact via cloud phone, text, email as soon as someone has signed up.
  4. Contact them multiple times for the next 3 days. Be persistent if you don’t get through to them right away. Remember, they are local and interested in your solution.

Why it works:

Local businesses have some advantages.

It’s easier to convert your target when you can say “Enjoy a £0 joining fee at Manchester Market.” It means you can get attention easily, and you already have more trust because you’re local.

In addition to this, a great offer gets people to sign up on impulse. By being able to call people up personally and immediately you keep the momentum going. It’s easier to up-sell after you’ve done a great job on that first offer. The main focus is to get people in-store and so that you can profit from back-end sales.

How to approach it

  1. Use a genuinely great offer, for example, no joining fee during peak season. Keep coming up with ideas until you find one that is almost irresistible when someone sees it.
  2. Your followup must be quick. If you call your prospect within 5 minutes of the lead coming through, your chances of reaching them are higher.
  3. Maintain persistence and call, email or text them until you are finally ahold of them. These people are interested in your offer so just keep calling and they will thank you for it.

Here’s a simple template to get you started

Would you like [RESULT]?
Click now to claim your space before [SCARCITY]


Having a complex Facebook ad strategy doesn’t always mean that you should implement multiple layers. In fact, many people end up botching this and missing out on the over one billion active Facebook users per day.

This article outlined 3 basic Facebook Ad funnels that can be implemented by advertisers for any industry. Take a moment to simplify your Facebook Ad strategy, you may find other ways of working that yield better results.