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Product Update: Predefined Designs, Lead Gen, IX Support, CBO and DCDP


Hi guys. Welcome to our monthly changelog. You can read about the latest features and improvements that Hunch dev team brought to you in February 2019. They are: templates in the Hunch Studio, an additional campaign objective, connecting Instant Experience and more.

Predefined Designs

Have you entered the Hunch Studio and not know how to kickstart your dynamic ad creation? Don’t worry, we thought you might have a bit of designer’s block. We’ve now created some templates for you to amend, get inspired by and choose what looks best with your product.

We want you to create that next top performing ad.

Lead Generation Objective

Say aloha to the new objective listed within our campaign options! With the Lead Generation objective, you can create or select a lead form within Ads that your audience will see if they press the call to action button.

Instant Experience Ads

We’ve added a feature on the Ads level that allows you to use Instant Experience (IX)!

You can now make a campaign and connect it with an IX you created on Facebook.

IX provides a dynamic, immersive experience that allows your audience to explore images with tagged products, watch engaging videos and photos, complete a form and more in a mobile-only format.

Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)

Budget can now be allocated on the whole campaign level. That’s pretty convenient if you want to set an overall spend limit and leave Facebook to determine which ad sets are performing well and allocate more money to them.

Campaign budget opitmization

Create CBO campaigns within Hunch.

Different creative for different placement

The main benefit of using this new placement asset customization feature is that you no longer need to create multiple ads within ad sets for each placement. Your creative variations can now all be contained within a single Ad.

Media Format

Easily create ads for each placement.

Within a single Ad, you can set different creatives for each placement and easily tailor the format of each to fit that of each placement using the Hunch Studio. If you want to improve campaign performance, you should try this feature.

Don’t just follow your hunch, employ it.

If you would like to find out more about how Hunch can help you streamline more of your workflows, then please get in touch for a FREE strategy call.