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The Black Friday playbook for advanced Facebook remarketing success

Although Black Friday is just one day in the year, it can make-or-break Q4 for a lot of businesses. Did you know that 75% of Black Friday revenue comes from your most recent website visitors?

That’s right, your past audiences are what will keep you dry during the Black Friday storm. In this article, I will share our clients’ most successful strategy (downloadable) on how you can make the most of your recent website visitors; convert them into sales and personalize each of their customer journeys.

Level of expertise needed to understand this article:

  • You are familiar with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads
  • You use product catalogs or planning to use them in the future
  • You have Facebook Pixels set for your e-commerce store

Let’s dive right in!

Simple vs. Advanced remarketing

Black Friday wasn’t started by businesses, but actually by shoppers. Shops picked up on the high traffic trends after Thanksgiving and the concept developed from there. You should set a goal and start creating personalized journeys for your shoppers to beat out the competition.

Most marketers build Facebook remarketing campaigns that essentially target users with all products from their store so that whatever products shoppers browse through will follow them around the internet. While that might be effective for some sites, it doesn’t always suit shops with fewer products or products that cater to the same kinds of audiences. Facebook offers some less promoted but highly sophisticated choices for advanced remarketing.

Customer journeys – per event category

The Black Friday storm is here, you have selected products that are going to be on sale and now you’re wondering how you can maximize sales without any additional budget and resources?

By delivering retargeting journeys throughout the entire customer life cycle, you can maximize sales opportunities. As your customers move from one stage of their purchasing journey to the next, their ad experience is evolving to become more relevant and personalized.

Black Friday ads

Relevant ads are essential for successful advertising

To combat ad fatigue, Hunch clients use the Advanced Journey Remarketing Strategy for Black Friday campaigns. This strategy allows them to segment audiences into four retargeting windows per event category.

What data should I acquire for advanced remarketing journeys?

Use the data you already have. Take advantage of your site’s recent store engagement and interaction in the last couple of weeks (view content, add to cart/number of days since last interaction and other qualitative or quantitative data).

Black Friday extended weekend campaign strategy

Using our Black Friday Extended Weekend Strategy, you can create four different journeys. You can automate your Black Friday campaign set so that shoppers will travel through all stages of the customer journey and interact with different creatives with different copies.

BF promotion strategy

Hunch Extended Black Friday weekend promotion strategy - Media Plan

Get a swipe file of our clients’ most successful Black Friday Extended Weekend Campaign Strategy that you can implement right away click the button below:

Use Case:  Story about nick and four stages of his journey

1.Recent store engagement

Meet Nick. He’s our hero shopper.

Recent story engagement

Nick has the intention to buy sneakers

Nick visited your online store 12 days ago. He really liked a particular style of white Nike sneakers but left your site without purchasing them.

Luckily, Facebook pixel recorded his activity as view content event so if Nick forgot about the Nike sneakers all together- it wouldn’t be for long.

2.Black Friday – DAY ONE

The Black Friday storm has commenced and Nick’s newsfeed is full of Black Friday offers. Overwhelmed by choice, Nick isn’t sure where he wants to start his shopping, just that he wants a good deal. Then lightning strikes.

Black Friday perosnalization

Nick may be interested in other discounted products from the same category

After some passive scrolling, Nick has come across a Black Friday ad from your store that he visited 12 days ago. He clicks on it and sees that your store is offering a 30% discount on selected categories of brands with different types of discounted sneakers.

After having a browse, Nick has left the store. Again. He will decide which brand he wants later. Nick is clearly seeking the best deal. Nick may be interested in other discounted products from the same category

1-3 Days of Black Friday Storm

The Black Friday Advanced Remarketing Strategy is keeping Nick in a shopping loop as he has been identified as a shopper with high-buying intent.

Nick is scrolling through his phone and is hit with a new ad on newsfeed.

Personalization examples

In this part of Nick's journey, you can show him a similar product from the same brand category

The Black Friday Carousel Ad now shows various Nike sneakers on discount. It’s such a great offer that Nick knows he can’t pass it up, so he adds his white Nikes to cart. Before Nick could complete his purchase, his mother calls him on his mobile.

Once again, Nick is interrupted and for a little while, the Nike sneakers are forgotten. In this part of Nick’s journey, you can show him a similar product from the same brand category of your Black Friday sale.

4. Final BF Countdown

Your Black Friday Campaign knows what Nick wants, and Nick knows what he wants.

Later that same day… Nick is watching a new episode of His Dark Materials when he sees your ad for the Nike sneakers. He sees it once again when scrolling through his Instagram feed. They are still on sale and they have never looked better.


Right product + Right moment + Right Ad copy + Sales stickers + Low Price = Purchase

Nick is ready to hit the button and has finally bought his white Nike sneakers! Nick is happy shopper :)

This is just one example of a personalized customer journey; if Nick triggers any other action on your store, he will be moved into another journey outlined in Black Friday Extended Weekend Campaign Strategy template above.

Black Friday engagement

Nick is a happy customer and ready for cross-sell

Creative Production for Every Step of the Customer Journey

Maximizing your performance in tight timeframes requires various measures in terms of campaign production. Creative is key when reaching your customers with the right message at the right phase of the customer journey. We have seen that creatives with seasonal elements are more likely to beat ad fatigue while improving click-through-rates than generic static content. We automatically generated thousands of themed visuals using dynamic overlays for the journeys mentioned above.

As a new Black Friday product is added to your promo catalog feed, it immediately generates a new Ad for every step of the journey. Each template you create can represent one stage of the customer journey that presents a different design for each shopper at any of the four stages.

Check out how Gigatron got a 30x ROAS on retargeting using custom image templates in their DPA Black Friday campaign.


To stay multiple steps ahead of other retailers this Black Friday weekend, you’ll need an engaging and compelling offer throughout all phases of the customer journey.

Brands are still struggling to master this concept and, as a result, missing potential sales opportunities. Creating incredible retargeting experiences for every customer at every stage of the customer journey narrows this gap and fights ad fatigue. Using our customer journey creatives, Black Friday campaign optimization was never easier.

Do you need help with implementing the Black Friday Extended Weekend Strategy? Let’s talk about how Hunch Black Friday Advanced Journeys can help your business. Be sure to sign up for a free strategy call in time!