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What’s new: Team Dashboard

Focused on seamless workflows, Hunch enabled its users to have better visibility in their platform usage metrics through the Team Dashboard.

In accordance with all Meta transparency regulations, the Dashboard brings a safe and systemized space for team spending, billing periods and platform usage.

Team Dashboard

The Dashboard gives Admins and Superadmins a clear and centralized platform usage tracker overview.

Hunch platform users can track billing periods, monitor their history, accounts, as well as track usage for on-demand creatives.

What problem does it solve?

Simply keeping everything tidy and in one place, so you won’t have to smother Finances or your Account Managers.

Now you’ll be aware of your spend through Hunch, with full contract visibility, without the assistance of our Customer Success team.

How does it work and who should use it?

Agencies or brands managing multiple clients or other teams are now able to easily track their Hunch consumption, including platform spend and design requests.

Once you’re onboarded on the Hunch superadmin panel, you’ll be assigned data and classification for your further usage and analysis. You’ll have anoverview of your monthly spends and up-to-date current month spend.

Where is it in the platform?

Team Dashboard product update
Have better visibility in your platform usage metrics through the Team Dashboard.

Rather intuitive - the Team Dashboard is accessed through your team Settings. Here, you’ll find data overview such as total and Hunch spend tracker, conversion rates, billing periods and even on-demand creatives requested through our Design Requests feature.

Wrapping up

Your experience matters the most to us, so in your seamless usability ventures, remember that our Account management, Customer Success and Product teams have all the necessary data about your profiles, contracts and expenses, for optimal support.

Try it out for yourself or contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager if you need any help with it.