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How to get thousands of sales during Black Friday [creative-focused playbook]

We’re approaching Black Friday – the most important holiday in the e-commerce industry.

Just as an example, Shopify merchants broke records in 2019 with $2.9+ billion in worldwide sales over the Black Friday weekend.

Black Friday is the moment for over 20M e-commerce stores in the world to shine and get thousands of dollars in new sales.

But the question is, how can you leverage Black Friday on paid social to get the most out of it?

How can you get thousands of new sales over one day, even if you’re a two-man marketing show or an agency that needs to create Black Friday campaigns for various stores?

We’ve packed our entire knowledge that’s been acquired through working with 6600+ eCommerce campaigns over the past 2 years in one simple Black Friday Playbook.

But that’s not all.

Besides getting access to this in-depth Playbook, you’ll also get some surprises and bonuses that will help you create thousands of ads in no time, without paying for expensive designers or wasting your own time.

Or continue reading to see short excerpts from our playbook, and you will probably want to download it anyway.

How to plan your Black Friday campaign

Setting up the proper Black Friday plan and strategy is the first and the most important step.

It’s very important to plan your Black Friday campaign early on, to make sure you have enough time to:

  • Prepare stunning creatives (in the Playbook, you will get a surprise that will allow you to create thousands of ads in four clicks)
  • Warm-up your audience
  • Get your ads approved by Facebook on time
  • You should also pay attention to allocating your budget. Be prepared for higher CPM during the BFCM weekend.

Also, keep an eye on the segmentation itself. Not all types of users will be ready to immediately purchase your products during Black Friday.

People audience

Not all types of users will be ready to immediately purchase your products during Black Friday

Some will need more convincing than others, but there are certainly those who will buy your products almost immediately.

Inside the playbook, you will find out:

  • What the different stages of your funnel are
  • What you should focus on the most, and how to allocate your budget
  • What types of campaigns work best with the people in specific funnel stages
  • How to warm up your Facebook audience and make them buy
  • How to re-engage your old users?

How to make irresistible offers?

The ad copy is one of the main foundations of every successful campaign, but it’s not the only important thing. You can have a great copy, but if you have a bad product, no one will buy it.

The best Black Friday campaigns are based on the top performers or the products that your audience loves the most.

But how can you combine the best performers and copies to create irresistible offers and make your audience buy from you?

Well, that’s what you’ll discover inside the Playbook.

How to target the most potential buyers?

On Facebook, great targeting is everything.

Targeting is really what decides whether you will end with thousands of sales or just a few of them.

There are various ways of targeting and selling to your potential users on Facebook and Instagram:

  • Retargeting
  • Upsells
  • Cross-sells
  • Dynamic retargeting journeys

Inside the Playbook, we looked into:

  • What targeting options to choose
  • What dynamic retargeting journeys are and how can you create them
  • How to make your retargeting campaigns stand out
  • How to perfectly upsell and cross-sell your products and get higher ROAS

How to create ads that attract sales like a magnet?

Black Friday is like war. Tens of thousands of e-commerce shops, similar to yours, compete for the same audience, on the same platform. One person will buy only a handful of products.

How can you make sure that they buy exclusively from you, but not from the others?

The answer lies in amazing creatives that engage your target audience and trigger them to buy.

From you.

But in order to achieve that, your creative needs to be better even than the famous Apple’s iPod ad:

iPod ad


The first step towards having a great creative is choosing the right ad placement.

Within the Playbook, we discussed:

  • What placements to choose for specific ad types
  • How to get the most out of Instagram and Facebook stories
  • How to craft perfect Instant Experiences

Once we know which placements to choose, it’s time to see what makes the difference between good and outstanding ads.

Our playbook will inform you on:

  • The core elements of engaging and triggering ads that make your potential users buy
  • How to communicate clear and irresistible offers
  • How to spark a sense of urgency in your Facebook Black Friday campaigns
  • What images work best for your ad creatives

and many other things.

Black Friday is a sprint

Black Friday results need to come fast. It’s not a marathon, it’s a sprint. You need to launch slow, but turn out fast.

You have only one attempt in a year. Don’t mess it up. We’ve been working hard, and we prepared a huge jam of value inside our Playbook that will help you boost your Black Friday sales.
Are you ready?