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What’s new: Text background

If you want your ad to stop the thumb, all creative elements must be visually on point. And it’s not just about the product image and pretty template, because in the current competitive Paid Social ecosystem - every detail matters.

The most underrated creative element is definitely the text. Be it product name, call to action or price offer, it’s a real brain-teaser to make a text eye-appealing.

Hunch’s newest addition of tools in the Creative Studio brings more space for creativity around your text design. The Text background feature enables the usage of many effects to experiment with your design.

Text background

With the new feature in the Hunch Creative Studio, you’ll get full support for dynamic layers, corner radius, padding, shadows, dynamic colors and gradients around the dynamic text on your creative.

Text background product update
Now, it’s much easier to create a frame around your text with the Text background feature.

How does it work?

Go to the Hunch Creative Studio to make your design and simply write your text and select the new option, under the text properties ‘Text Background’.

Check the fill and choose a color to give a color background to your text. Also, if you already have color fields inside your feed, check ‘dynamic color’ so it can change colors according to the information provided in the feed. You can also very easily create a border around your text, or add a shadow with the shadow tool.

You can also control the corner radius or use padding for creating more space around your text. 

How do you integrate it into the existing process?

The Text background feature is a unique addition to the Hunch Creative Studio, easily accessible from the ‘Add Text’ option, via ‘Text Background’ under the text properties.

Wrapping up

With the newest addition to the design arsenal, you can effortlessly get even more creative in the Hunch Creative Studio.

Try them out for yourself or contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager if you need any help with it.