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What’s new: Special category ads

Special categories refer to specific fields that require additional regulations and protections for users. These categories include employment, credits and housing. When launching ad campaigns related to these areas, advertisers must comply with Meta’s policies regarding non-discrimination and fair housing, credit, and employment practices.

Hunch now supports Special category ads for Facebook, with all our benefits of creative automation, just like any other ad category.

Special category ads

Special category ads are ads that address sensitive topics, products, or services that are regulated by law. Before these ads can be published on the platform, they may require additional approval.

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Select the Special category for your campaign when choosing the campaign objective.

However, it's important to note that campaigns using Special category ads have certain limitations on targeting options or additional requirements for ads.

Special Categories are within the HEC field (housing, employment and credits) and can include ads for the following and more:

  • Credit cards
  • Brand ads for credit cards, regardless of the offer
  • Auto loans
  • Personal or business loan services
  • Mortgage loans
  • Long-term financing
  • Debt recovery

What problems do they solve?

Users can now seamlessly run Special category ad campaigns through Hunch, without the need for manual intervention on Facebook. This new feature streamlines the process and simplifies the management of your special ad campaigns.

How do you integrate them into the existing process?

Add countries you want your Special category ads to run in.

On the very first step upon creating your campaign, you get to select one or more Special category ads under ‘Objectives’. Later, select the countries where you’d like your ads to run in, and continue with Hunch just like any other regular campaign setup.

Wrapping up

Although running a Special category ad may restrict demographic targeting, it can still achieve a broad reach. With engaging creative built in the Hunch Creative Studio and ad copy, you can attract numerous valuable potential customers on Facebook. Additionally, adjusting your ad placements to connect with high-value shoppers can further boost your ad's reach.

Try it out for yourself or contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager if you need any help with it.