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What’s new: New Meta experience

What exemplifies the transformative power of creativity in advertising? From automated localization to revolutionizing product catalog ads, Hunch empowers performance marketers to achieve extraordinary results through unparalleled creative agility.

As a proud Meta Business Partner, Hunch is rolling out the New Meta experience for a more stable campaign creation and management process, in modern design, improved stability and UI&UX.

New Meta experience

The advertising landscape is unpredictably complex and challenging to navigate. With that in mind, advertisers struggle to determine which campaign Objectives to choose during setup, in order to achieve their desired outcomes. And with inconsistent and misaligned guidelines come less effective campaign setups.

We’re redesigning some of the traditional objectives in order to effectively guide modern advertisers to optimal campaign setups on Meta.

We’re aligning objectives with the most common marketing goals, making it easier for advertisers to effectively communicate their projected campaign outcomes.

Outcome-driven ad experience (ODAX)

ODAX aims to bring a simplified campaign experience for users and focus on outcomes rather than objectives. This means more room for guidance but also better consolidation of cross-channel campaigns, both for web and desktop.

New meta experience ODAX sales objective product update
The Sales objective is a new goal-oriented way to publish a Meta campaign with catalogs.

Driven by performance, Hunch built the Sales objective. The Sales objective support for Meta ODAX campaigns is available for all eComm clients with catalogs.

If you want to create a Product Catalog Sales campaign, you need to select a catalog in the campaign setup. Otherwise, it will be recognized as a Conversions objective. You’ll be able to define product sets on the ad set level, but also to override it with a different product set on each ad. Also, you can select manual placements with better outcome visibility.

And, since the catalog selection is now moved to the campaign level, you can change your catalog at any moment when creating a campaign, without the need to start over if you want to change it.

New meta experience ODAX sales objective product update
Creating a Product Catalog Sales campaign.

The new ODAX sale campaigns give space for a faster, more comfortable outcome-driven ad experience, with a focus on efficiency, better usability and real-time overview visibility.

Advantage+ shopping campaigns

Advantage+ is Meta’s answer to the data privacy policies that are limiting performance marketers in driving more meaningful sales. And just like day-to-day marketing pains, producing and launching lots of quality creative for these types of campaigns is an optimization bottleneck for Media and Creative teams.

With performance and ease in mind, Hunch enabled its users to build, launch and optimize Advantage+ shopping campaigns directly from the Hunch platform.

Launch and manage Advantage+ campaigns with Hunch

These campaigns focus on creative testing and exploration to identify the highest-performing dynamic ads, helping you optimize your marketing budget. 

You have two options:

  1. Inserting an enhanced Hunch ad into your existing ASC - Seamlessly enrich your existing campaign.
  2. Creating a new Advantage+ Shopping Campaign in Hunch - Start fresh with a dedicated Advantage+ campaign.

Should you insert an ad, or create a completely new campaign? - Depends on your objectives and strategy. 

Keep in mind that there's a limit of up to 8 Advantage+ shopping campaigns simultaneously running in one country from one Ad Account.

Enrich your Advantage+ shopping campaigns with Hunch-powered DPAs

These campaigns perform the best with a variety of ads running consistently. With Hunch’s Ad insertion function, you can add more high-quality feed-based creatives to the Advantage+ pool, without affecting existing learning. This way, you won’t need to create a separate new campaign in Hunch with ads containing dynamic templates. Instead, you can just connect your existing always-on Advantage+ campaign and enrich it with more quality ads, dynamically directed towards your target audience.

Advantage+ ad insertion product update
Connect your existing ASC and enrich it with Hunch's high-quality Dynamic ads.

It’s as simple as clicking the ‘Insert Ad’ button on Hunch’s Manage page and choosing an existing campaign to which you want to insert an ad. Or, going into any already inserted campaign.

Advantage+ ad insertion product update
There's no need to create a separate campaign in Hunch. Insert ads to your existing ones.

Multiple Hunch ads can be inserted into running Meta campaigns. Though be aware, when in Hunch, only Hunch ads can be managed (edited, duplicated, or deleted).

Spend note: Hunch spend counts any spend made through Hunch. In this case, even if you insert a Hunch ad, the campaign stays a Meta campaign. The other ads are a part of the total spend, not Hunch spend.

Ad insertion is tailored specifically for eCommerce catalogs and for brands and advertisers that need better-looking dynamic ads in their Advantage+ shopping campaigns.

Marketers who have tried Hunch’s solution for better Advantage+ shopping campaigns are already seeing significant results:

  • 3.5x better CPC
  • 2.5x better CTR
  • 1.3x better CPM

For short-term goals, consider launching a new Advantage+ shopping campaign.

Step-by-step: Creating an Advantage+ shopping campaign in Hunch

As such, ASC is a specialized setup within the Sales objective.

Create and manage an Advantage+ shopping campaign in Hunch.
Create an Advantage+ campaign by selecting the Sales objective, then the Advantage+ setup.

This setup has just one ad set employing up to 150 machine learning-driven ads, designed to pinpoint and engage high-value, high-intent customers within Meta's network. Plus, you can manage both prospecting and retargeting audiences within a single campaign.

Create and manage an Advantage+ shopping campaign in Hunch.
Some of the fields on the Ad Set level are set as presets.

You can merge both new and existing customers within the same ad set by defining the percentage of your campaign budget that Meta should allocate to your existing customer base.

Create and manage an Advantage+ shopping campaign in Hunch.

Supported ad formats in Hunch include: Single Image, Single Video, Carousel, Dynamic Image, Dynamic Video, Dynamic Carousel and Collection ads.

Wrapping up

At Hunch, we believe that creative is the driving force behind exceptional performance in marketing. Our vision is to redefine the way advertisers connect with their audience by empowering them with the tools and capabilities to unleash their creative potential.

If you’re an advanced performance advertiser looking to get more revenue uplifts on Meta, though without loosing your sleep, get in touch with us and we’ll guarantee you the utmost success on all Meta platforms.