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What's New: New Campaign Interface

For today's marketers, the real challenge isn't just knowing what works, it's about having the time and resources to make it happen, especially when faced with hesitant clients. So, our top priority is, and always will be making our partners' lives easier by providing a seamless and streamlined user experience. 

That’s why we built a new interface that addresses these challenges by offering intuitive navigation that simplifies everyday activities and helps marketers to effectively manage their campaigns.

Brand new Create Campaign Page

We simplified the campaign creation process with a refreshed design and clear instructions for choosing the best campaign objective for your campaign.

Image of Hunch UI that showcases a simple process of creating a new campaign.
Choose a campaign outcome in 3 easy steps

More streamlined flow for creating Automated Campaigns

From now on, if you want to create an automated campaign, you just need to flick the toggle button and select a catalog from which you'll use an instruction feed to automate your campaign and build ad sets, and ads from the feed.

Also, meet our nifty green lightning indicator that helps you easily identify whether you’re in an Automated entity (campaign or ad set) or in a static one. This updated interface will give you a better overview of your campaigns, regardless of how many you manage.

A new flow for creating automated campaigns switching the toggle button and selecting a catalog
New simplified process for creating Automated Campaigns

Easier, more intuitive navigation

With these changes, you’ll be able to see the whole campaign structure and gain better insights into your campaigns, ad sets, and ads with fewer clicks. The new swift switching between ad sets and ads enhances the experience for both campaign creation and editing, ultimately elevating your campaign management at any time.

Get ready for as easy as pie Campaign Management!

This is only the initial phase of enhancing the campaign creation and editing flow. We are constantly refining the interface to provide you with the best possible experience, and we will consistently update this article to ensure you're always up to date with the latest improvements and features related to Campaign Interface.