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What's new: New Automated Campaigns now fully aligned with ODAX

Automated Ads is a flexible framework to run complex and large campaigns, streamlining your entire advertising process. As such a powerful solution, we’re always striving to make it even better and effective. So aligning with ODAX was a logical step forward.

Why is this important? ODAX is performing better, Meta is building on it, and the old objectives are being phased out during 2024. 

Outcome driven ad experiences aim to bring a simplified campaign experience for users and focus on outcomes rather than objectives. This means more room for guidance but also better consolidation of cross-channel campaigns, both for web and desktop.

Starting from today, you’ll be able to use ODAX when creating Automated Campaigns!

Automated Campaigns: New vs Old

An automated campaign is set up once in Hunch, and based on your setup it will create and configure ad sets and ads inside.

New automated campaigns can do everything that the old ones could, with a couple of differences, where the most important one is that the new Automated Campaigns are creating campaigns with ODAX on Meta, while the old Automated Campaigns are creating campaigns using the old objectives.

If you want to read more about the differences between old and new Automated Campaigns check this article.

How do old objectives converge into 6 outcomes?

See how old objectives will converge into 6 new outcomes

The new campaigns are tailored to cater the end goal of your campaign rather than the actions to be taken.

For example, one of the old objectives was called Conversions and expected that a campaign will lead to a conversion somewhere. But, when selecting a new objective, you should ask yourself what will this conversion bring you as the end goal, and choose one of the new objectives: Sales, Leads, or Engagement.

This approach proved to bring a more successful ad delivery and is generally highly praised and recommended by Meta.

To read more about how Hunch converges old objectives into ODAX, see this article from our help center.

Are there any changes to your workflow?

In a nutshell: No. 

Additionally, with Hunch’s new Campaign Interface, creating campaigns is even easier. Just follow the process, and flick the toggle for an Automated Campaign. It's as simple as that.

New simplified process for creating Automated Campaigns

However, if you’re currently running an Automated Campaign in Hunch with an old objective, read this article and contact your Customer Success Manager to transfer your Automated Campaign to ODAX.