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What's New: Creative Variants

You understand the importance of delivering fresh creatives to avoid creative fatigue, but you don’t want to go through building a bunch of new assets every time you need to freshen up your ads?

Introducing Hunch’s Creative Variants: a solution that lets you spice up your creatives effortlessly. This is the easiest way to import all the assets you want to mix and match and get all the creative variations you need. 

Let’s dig in. 

Why should you use Creative Variants?

Because it is a shortcut for avoiding creative fatigue! By enabling the creation of multiple templates for campaigns, it ensures a diverse range of visuals. This feature is particularly beneficial for minor tweaks in visuals, allowing for a mix and match of assets for a comprehensive creative output.

Add layers in Hunch's Variants tool.
Find the best CTAs with Creative Variants.

What problems does it solve?

The main challenge Creative Variants solves is the lack of assets for creative testing. It eliminates the need for manual design tasks like layer adjustments, significantly streamlining the creative process.

How does it work?

The process is straightforward. After creating a multi-variant template in the library, users can select layers to add different variables such as images, videos, and text. Hunch then renders all the outputs. This functionality is crucial not just for BOF objectives but also for creating TOF content, where the focus is more on user-generated content.

Creative Variants in the Creative Studio.
Easily add variations to your creative in Hunch Creative Studio.

Wrapping Up: Test different creatives easier than ever 

Creative Variants simplifies the creation and testing of diverse assets. It's an effective tool for marketers not using dynamic product ads but looking for optimal CTAs, videos, and backgrounds. 

This feature is excellent for generating multiple variations without the complexities of automated catalogs or extensive manual effort, making it ideal for reconnecting with past clients who require creative exports. Now, users can quickly use these creatives, test their effectiveness, and continue creating more with ease.