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Product Update: Brand kits, Automated location targeting and Advanced template duplication

Whether you’re handling many accounts or just wanting to keep things easy, we’ve got a variety of exciting product updates that will help you do just that. In Hunch, you can set up organized brand kits, automated , and advanced template duplication.

Let’s dive in.

Hunch Brand Kits

Hunch Brand Kit
Access brand assets without uploading them to Hunch studio each time you edit a template.

Benefits of this new feature

  • Once you’ve added the necessary assets to your brand kit, you can easily retrieve them in the Creative Studio
  • Maintain consistent design colors and fonts are used in all ads with ease
  • Drastically reduce the manual tasks of sending and uploading assets each time

We developed this feature because most of the time our clients use Hunch Groups to segment brands in the account structure. Assets on the brand level are often reused once in Hunch Studio, for example, colors, fonts, and logos. You can now easily retrieve these assets from the brand kit library. This saves you the hassle of importing and defining these assets each time you are working in the Studio.

What problem does the feature solve?

Implementing brand guidelines and facilitating asset reusability can now be easily managed on the Group level.

Group level brand kit
Group Level Brand Kit.

How does it solve this problem?

It allows users to manage multiple brand assets through a centralized creative repository.

Advanced template duplication

Benefits of this new feature

  • Allows users to duplicate templates with all assets included
  • Allows duplication and automatic layout updates across dimensions ie landscape, vertical etc..
  • Save time – Instead of re-creating a template for each separate activity, you can just copy the template

You’ve identified your winning creatives and you want to scale them across different dimensions. It is now possible in Hunch to copy templates and change the sizes and dimensions of the same template for easy campaign creation.

What problem does the feature solve?

It allows the user to duplicate and resize templates while retaining template layout and elements.

How does it solve this problem?

We’ve created a feature that allows the user to duplicate templates to other sizes while retaining all the assets. As a bonus to this, the smart layout system on our platform arranges all graphic elements in the newly resized creative. This is an automatic rearrangement of the graphic elements and therefore saves a magnitude of time in the production of campaign assets.

Our solutions team is constantly looking for ways to make account management and scaling easier. Find out how your business can start benefiting from video ads by scheduling a strategy call today.