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Product Update: Auto-boost your best content and scale growth

Promoting your best content automatically is probably one of the easiest ways to achieve growth after you’ve identified your winning strategy.

In this article, we discuss how you can use automated post boosting to enhance your Facebook and Instagram advertising using Hunch.

Set your rules once and Hunch will do the boosting for you.

Set conditions. Automate post boosting

Setup for automated post boosting is really simple. You need your page ID and an idea of what you want to boost. The rule-based system in Hunch allows you to create your own logic for post boosting.

You can boost posts that have the highest engagement with your users, posts that are going unnoticed or decide to re-engage old posts.
Filter creation is really simple, you need to select a metric and the condition, then you’re set to go.

Set conditions

In this example, we’ve created a filter that will select and boost all posts thatwent live after September 1st, and have more than 10 total reactions.

Next, set your campaign live and watch your audience engagement grow!

Automated ads

Select your target post based on the rule, and within that selection, each post can be busted and have its own budget.

You can also rely on your saved audiences to promote posts, just select them.

With this all set you’re good to go. Set your campaign live and watch your audience engagement grow!

Benefits of Automated Post boosting:

  • Promote posts automatically once custom conditions are met.
  • Control your optimization events and campaign objectives.
  • Powerful targeting based on events tracked by pixel for look-alike and retargeting audiences.
  • Make your top-performing Instagram content as the source for your Facebook Ads


Manually boosting your best performing posts is a thing of the past. This new Hunch tool will help save you time and scale your ad spend so that you can focus on identifying your next best strategy. Automated post-boosting is just one of the many advanced automated tools available in Hunch.

Find out how you can use Hunch to scale your business by requesting a FREE strategy call.