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Hunch @ MarTech Challenge

Sinisa Rakovic, CEO of Hunch, was invited to speak as part of the MarTech Challenge, launched by Direct Media United Solutions, in an effort to connect marketing, new technologies and innovative entrepreneurs, that will develop the market of tomorrow.

Sinisa spoke about his entrepreneurial journey: having returned to Belgrade from California with the aim of going back to his roots and to bridge the gap between the western world and eastern talent and subsequently going on to found 3 start-ups. What is now called Hunch used to be a tool that served 400 companies to provide data analytics and data science.

Having listened to the problems of these companies over time, Hunch began to evolve and take on its current form as a powerful tool that will inform you what is and what is not working in your campaign and provide ways to improve your performance. Hunch combines creatives, data and ad automation into one platform and one process.

Siniša explained how our Hunch platform generates thousands of ads, using creative automation and personalization.

We live in a digital age; our brains are getting faster.

You have roughly one second to grab someone’s attention and you must constantly keep your customers engaged with different creatives.

Brands and agencies should be testing what their audience would like to see. Facebook and Google know more about your customers than you do; but the one thing they don’t have is the creative aspect of what your customers really want and how to localize and personalize it.

Sinisa Rakovic, CEO of Hunch, was invited to speak as part of the MarTech Challenge

The expansion of marketing teams to create these ads and drive performance only ends up squeezing profits; this is the Bermuda Triangle for agencies today.

Scale, Performance and Profit

Hunch helps brands and agencies create a system so they can optimize the metrics that are working and use a creative way to automate their workflows.

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