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Beneficiary and Payer fields for Meta

Following the new Beneficiary and Payer Regulations on Meta, for ads being promoted in the EU countries, the Hunch platform has been updated to meet these technical requirements.

According to EU regulatory requirements, all campaigns that are targeting the EU or its associated territories will need to enter the Beneficiary and Payer fields on Meta.

This applies to:

  • Campaign creation
  • Campaign editing
  • All active automated campaigns on Hunch that might end up targeting theEU

Starting from 10th of July 2023, this information will be required for all campaigns. If you do not enter the information, your ad will not be published. And in case of Automated ads, you are at risk that some of them will fail.

What can Hunch users do about this right now?

In case you have active Automated campaigns publishing to Meta - go to your automated campaign, find these fields on the master ad set level (at the bottom of the master ad set page), and fill them out for each master ad set.

On the other hand, in case of active Standard Meta campaigns - there’s no need to do anything until the need to edit them. But, the first time you try to edit a campaign, ad set or the ad after the deadline (10th of July), it will fail if no Beneficiary is defined on the ad set level for all ad sets.

You can always ask your dedicated Customer Success manager for help, or just ping us on the in-app chat. We can do the manual work or help you in the decision-making process.

And if you don't want to be bothered with this each time you create a campaign - there’s an option to pre-populate each campaign made from the Hunch Account. On your Hunch Account setup, in the Campaign Settings section, you will find the Beneficiary and Payer fields.

These fields are ever-present and not mandatory on Hunch. It is your responsibility to comply if you know that the EU is being targeted, although the worst that could happen is the campaign publish will just fail.

We recommend entering the Beneficiary and Payer fields on the Account settings page, and using them automatically for all new campaigns, without worrying if you comply or not.

You can find more information on both Hunch and Meta Help Center.