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July Product Update

July Product Update
July Product Update
July Product Update
Ema Moljevic
Product Marketing Manager

Hunch Voice: This time from Hunch

In the July Product Update, Ema will walk you through 5 new and enhanced features from the Hunch platform and Creative Studio:

  • New Meta experience
  • Collaboration in the Video Studio
  • Ai-powered Background removal
  • Multi Artboard video Template with smart resize
  • Team Dashboard

New Meta experience

Enter Hunch’s New Meta experience for a more stable campaign process, in modern design, improved stability and UI&UX for campaign creation.

The Sales objective support for Meta ODAX campaigns is a new goal-oriented way to publish a Meta campaign with catalogs, available for all eComm clients with catalogs. This feature is currently in Beta and will be rolled out gradually to all clients. It merges the old Product Catalog Sales objective and Conversions objective.

Collaboration in the Video Studio

Hunch’s Design Requests feature is now available for requesting custom-made video templates as well, with users who can collaborate and provide feedback on specific points in the video timeline.

AI-powered Background removal

By focusing on eCommerce products, we were able to train our own specialized AI Background removal model which outperforms generalized ones in quality of output, breaking free from frames and white backgrounds in product-based ads.

Multi Artboard video Template with smart resize

The Multi Artboard Template feature in the Hunch Creative Studio now allows for simultaneous creation and management of multiple video sizes of a single template. Additionally, the Multi Video Template introduces the smart resize support for video production, making additional video content production easier in all sizes.

Team Dashboard

Hunch enabled its users to have better and more transparent analytics visibility in their platform metrics through the Team Dashboard.

👉 Next Steps

Explore Hunch’s new features for improved usability, efficiency and creative possibilities within your Meta and Snapchat campaigns. For more info, visit our website or contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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