Komplett boosts conversions, saves 80% time creating ads, and unlocks new audiences with dynamic creative

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Komplett Group is the largest eCommerce company in the Nordic region, operating 8 online stores.
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Sandefjord, NOR
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Komplett Group is the Nordic countries’​ largest e-commerce player, with a total of 8 webshops. In 2017, Komplett recorded revenue of MNOK 8 100 in 2017. Komplett B2B division partnered with Hunch.

Komplett has no trouble getting users to visit their site but didn’t see a similar trend with conversions and was short on the time it takes to produce ads that look and feel consistent.

With Hunch, they not only improved their conversions but also saved time creating thousands of product ads at scale.

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Improve traffic to customer conversions while creating aesthetic ads at scale

As you can imagine, Komplett B2B division gets a lot of traffic. But, they somewhat struggled with conversions. The other challenge for Komplett and any e-commerce store is because of the massive amount of products that you have to advertise, it is nearly impossible to be able to create creatives that are consistent in a short span of time.

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Enhanced Dynamic Product Ads + Hunch’s Background Removal Tool

The answer to all these issues? Hunch.

Komplett partnered with Hunch to leverage DPA on Facebook to improve their conversions.

DPA or Dynamic Product Ads enables Komplett to target consumers with extremely relevant ads at all stages of the sales funnel. DPA is especially effective for MoFu (middle of the funnel) when consumers compare Komplett’s products to their competitors and need that extra nudge to pull the trigger and make a purchase.

As for the creatives, Komplett uses Hunch Creative Studio to generate consistent catalog ads at scale.

They also massively leverage our background removal tool. Given the thousands of product ads they needed to create, doing this manually would mean hours of unnecessary work.

All they have to do is to connect their product feed to Hunch and create beautiful and engaging ads.

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Boost in conversions + Time saved making ads + Unlocked new audiences

With the help of Hunch’s powerful platform, Komplett was able to create Dynamic Product Ads at scale that resulted in a positive conversion trend.

Komplett was also able to reduce the time they spent creating ads by a whopping 80% thanks to the automation.

And the cherry on the cake? Komplett broadened its reach and unlocked new audiences.

Learn more about dynamic ads and how you can leverage them to improve your conversions.

In the e-commerce space and struggling to convert your visitors into customers or produce aesthetic ads at scale? Get in touch with Hunch for a free strategy call.

Dynamic Product Ads

DPA or Dynamic Product Ads enable Komplett to target consumers with extremely relevant ads at all stages of the sales funnel.


"With Hunch, we have consistency in our look and feel. In the short period of time we have tested Hunch, the conversion rate has a positive trend."

Sandra Lindhjem
Sandra Lindhjem
Campaign Manager