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Do-It-Center maximize traffic through automated creative on Paid Social

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Do-It-Center is a DIY shop for home, furniture, and décor.
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Panama, PA
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Do-It-Center is a store for home improvement and decor, offering DIY furniture and décor. Do-It-Center has a presence in Central and South America and operates 25 stores nationwide. Their Shopify store offers numerous DIY products available at your fingertips.

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Increase reach and revenue in prospecting campaigns

Do-It-Center had been achieving good retargeting results through dynamic product ads but wanted to significantly increase its reach and revenue by using advanced dynamic product ad features for prospecting. To meet this challenge, Do-It-Center built a task force with Hunch Customer Success experts.

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Dynamic Product Ads for prospecting

In order to make the ads more captivating and stand out on social media feeds, Do-It-Center used Hunch’s bespoke Creative Image Studio to add custom fonts, colors, and labels to their creatives. For example, a different colored badge would appear above each product in the Do-It-Center catalog feed depending on the price bracket that they fell into.

Combining Dynamic Product Ads for prospecting with dynamic image templates, allowed the Do-It-Center team to act quickly and flexibly. The ads automatically pulled pricing and discount information from the Do it Center product feed and seamlessly matched it with images from Hunch’s dynamic image templates.

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Racked up sales with 2.1x higher CTR for Social

As a result of this new scalable approach to social paid media, Do-It-Center found great success in utilizing Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads for prospecting. Do-It-Center proved that engaging consumers through a scalable media program can rack up sales and dress down the competition.

Bulk image editing with Hunch’s Creative Studio was simple and efficient. More than 5K product images were processed, sent to Facebook and automatically aligned with the company’s corporate identity by incorporating their color palette and typefaces.

Prospecting dynamic product ads created with dynamic image templates powered a CTR that was 2.1x higher than Do-It-Center’s regular retargeting campaigns. During the campaign, Social was listed amongst their top 3 high performing channels.

DPAs for prospecting

Combine DPAs for prospecting with dynamic image templates, and allow your team to act quickly and flexibly. Do-It-Center prospecting ads had 2.1x higher CTR than retargeting.


"Partnership with Hunch’s experts and their Creative Studio maximized the performance of the social channel, signaling that we are targeting the right audience with the right creatives."

Elias Manopla
Elias Manopla
Innovation | Ecommerce Director