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Why does every performance agency use creative automation?

Why does every performance agency use creative automation?
Why does every performance agency use creative automation?
Why does every performance agency use creative automation?
Ema Moljevic
Product Marketing Manager

Hunch Voice: This time from Hunch

This time on the Hunch Voice with Ema Moljevic, our Product Marketing Manager, we spoke up about the #1 secret agencies use for production challenges.

Today’s advertisers face the challenge of creating highly visual and personalized ads at a massive scale, which brings the issue of production cost. And since the ATT and cookie apocalypse, creative became critical.

But, with engaging creative come additional challenges: maintaining the presence on Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube, and taking care of the brand governance. That’s why agencies need to choose a cost-effective solution that will help them stay in the game.

The key is in automation. And we at Hunch do creative automation. It’s the process of automating parts of the production of creative assets. So let’s see how creative automation can enhance your creative process, and why every performance agency needs it.

For better understanding, take a look at the presentation slides.

What is creative automation?

To understand creative automation first you need to consider the difference between the ads production and creative assets. While most creative assets end up being ads, in order for a creative asset to become an ad it has to be assigned to a wider ad unit with other non-graphic elements (like headline, text or landing page URL) and later assigned to a campaign.

With creative automation, you can automate each part of the production of creative assets, which leads to automating the whole process of ad production for all placements.

Therefore, with dynamic creative - you automate media buying, but with creative automation - the whole process of creating all the assets needed for campaigns is automated.

How to choose a platform for creative automation?

When choosing a platform for massive creative production, you should think about 3 levels of automation:

  • Asset production automation
  • Creative automation, and
  • Campaign automation

A platform that can provide you with all three levels of automation is the one, just like Hunch.

Why? - Each level of automation is a piece of setting a dynamic campaign. So, if you find a platform that can leverage just one level, you won’t cover it all, and you’d still have to do the rest manually.

Then, check if the platform features can enhance your productivity and workflow.

And finally, check on the pricing. Creative automation should be a cost-effective solution for your marketing team. So, if you spend more budget on a single creative automation platform than you would on hiring a team of designers - reconsider your choice.

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Creative automation is the engine behind any creative customization at scale. Using this technology, you will successfully combat the challenges of creating highly personalized ads at a massive scale and keeping on-brand creatives through omnichannel campaigns.

Unlock the great potential of creative automation and enhance your creative process!

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