Hunch Voice: This time from Hunch

Demystifying the secret behind the best-in-class personalized creative!

This time on the Hunch Voice, Emilija Moljevic, our Product Marketing Manager, asked Sinisa Rakovic, the CEO of Hunch, and Hunch's Head of Product, Nebojsa Knezevic, to share their insights on what all top brands use to personalize their offerings for their customers and tell you exactly how to use dynamic creative for your brand or agency.

Questions answered on this webinar:

  • How does technology empower efficient production despite the inherent cost increase involved in personalization?
  • What elements do brands personalize?
  • How do brands go beyond basic DCO than simply changing CTAs and backgrounds?
  • What does DC mean for marketers and what's the cost of not using it?

and finally: How can agencies leverage DC to the fullest with Hunch?

By the end of our webinar, you'll have a better understanding of how to take real-time data to create thousands of personalized ads at scale to turn users into customers.

👉 Next Steps

Contextual data is what drives brand recognition and prospecting campaigns. This is where we make crucial audience breakdowns to identify the best-performing topics and triggers.

Delivering tailored user experiences was never this practical, so, ready to take the leap to dynamic creative? Give us a call. Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager for further details. And in case you're not a Hunch customer yet, sign up for our platform demo.

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