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Ema Moljevic
Product Marketing Manager

Hunch Voice: This time from Hunch

On our very first webinar, Our Head of Product, Nebojsa Knezevic, demonstrated some of the features from the brand new Hunch Creative Video Studio and gave valuable insights and predictions on the role of video in 2022.

Questions answered on this webinar:

  • How to make engaging and relevant videos?
  • How to get better ROAS?
  • How to get better performance with video?

and finally: How to build a video that converts?

By the end of this webinar, you'll have a better understanding of the whole concept of the Hunch Creative Video Studio, as well as relevant facts about video dominance in your future campaigns, its role, formats, impact, results and rising social media channels.

Takeaway 1: The growth of video

  • This year 55% more content was generated on Facebook and Instagram than in 2020
  • Reels are growing the fastest, with users spending 64% more time viewing video content than last year
  • YouTube generated 30% more revenue in 2020, totaling at $19.7, while 2.3 billion people access YouTube every month
  • TikTok had an 1157% increase in its global user-base between Jan 2018 and July 2020

Takeaway 2: The content is no longer static

The next generation of networks is live, or let’s say in motion. TikTok, as a social behemoth is growing purely from video.

What does this mean for you? Do you want to keep spending money on traditional media, like still image placements, or do you want to be where your users are? How do you even scale with video?

Luckily, our webinar recording gives all the answers, with real-life examples.

Takeaway 3: Challenges of video-first campaigns

Why don't we see that many video campaigns? We talked with our users and the challenges that they're facing come down to the following:

"We don’t have the design resources.”
- Campaign manager

“Performance is bad.”
- Performance marketer

“Production costs are too high.”
- Campaign strategist

“We don’t have enough time.”
- Art director

So, let's see how the Hunch Video Studio can help you solve these problems.

Takeaway 4: How to build a video that converts?

The first challenge of running a successful video campaign is building a video that actually works. Drawing from our experience with image and video creatives, we know that, in order to succeed, you need to do the following:

  • Draw the user attention
  • Build native content
  • Show relevant information

Takeaway 5: How to get better ROAS?

ROAS isn't just the matter of marketing budget VS revenue, it's a matter of production costs plus marketing budget. One way to significantly reduce production costs is to automate creative production:

  • Spend less on production
  • Automate production
  • Promote more products

Takeaway 6: How to get better performance with localized video?

Once an e-commerce starts growing, you need to start adapting to markets where your customers are. This is a big challenge both for creative production and campaign management. But, if you manage to unlock it, the payoff is really big. This is why we want to show you how you can easily localize any content you produce in Hunch:

  • Bring retail online
  • Promote local stores
  • Stay agile

👉 Next Steps

Dare to differentiate from your competition with stunning video content? How about exceeding your own goals while you're at it?

Reach us out again if you'd like your own training in the Hunch Video Studio, we'd be happy to help. Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager for further details. And in case you're not a Hunch customer yet, sign up for our platform demo.

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