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How to tackle 5 biggest performance marketing challenges

How to tackle 5 biggest performance marketing challenges
How to tackle 5 biggest performance marketing challenges
How to tackle 5 biggest performance marketing challenges
Ema Moljevic
Product Marketing Manager

Hunch Voice: This time from Hunch

This time on the Hunch Voice with Ema Moljevic, our Product Marketing Manager, we’re bringing up the topic of the biggest performance marketing challenges that agencies face, as well as tips and tools on how to solve them.

Paid social advertising is an integral component of almost every business' marketing strategy, but only a fraction of overall budgets are used effectively. There come the challenges of creating a large volume of personalized creatives, launching campaigns faster, or improving the results of retargeting campaigns.

If these problems sound familiar, then you’re in the right place. Hunch specifically caters to agencies that are looking to manage and scale campaigns.
And here are 5 major performance marketing challenges that bore agencies and tips on how to solve them.

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5 major performance marketing challenges

Instances where there is a high likelihood of delays or even errors while running a marketing campaign such as going back and forth with clients to get approvals for creatives, internal collaboration between marketing and design teams and dealing with external stakeholders are all tiring micro issues revolving around major challenges:

  • Improving the ROI on ad spend
  • The unavailability of 3rd-party data
  • Cross-functional collaboration between teams
  • Managing omnichannel media campaigns
  • Bottlenecks in creative workflows and long turnaround times

But, with the right implementation of the right technology, managing your highly-versatile campaigns will be the least of your everyday workday problems. And you'll thank Hunch for that.

Where does Hunch fit in?

The most obvious solution to these challenges is creating contextual and personalized ads at scale, which are proven to lead to higher CTR, an improved conversion rate, and more satisfied customers. There is nothing more valuable than being able to deliver the right creative at the right time, and with these insights, you'll have a better understanding of how creative automation can solve challenges with the creative processes for agencies.

As a Meta Business Partner, Hunch helps agencies deliver advanced, intelligent marketing strategies for their clients on Paid Social. Experience rising ROAS by implementing our main pillars - Dynamic Creative and Creative automation.

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Creative automation is the engine behind any creative customization at scale. Using this technology, you will successfully combat the challenges of creating highly personalized ads at a massive scale and keeping on-brand creatives through omnichannel campaigns.

Unlock the great potential of creative automation and enhance your creative process!

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