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This time on the Hunch Voice with Ema Moljevic, our Product Marketing Manager, we spoke up about the comeback of travel ads on Paid Social through 5 strategies you can prep with, as well as what travelers want in 2023.

When was the last time you looked up your next travel destination? Type any of these search terms in Google Trends - travel 2023, vaccine travel, cruises, hotels, and you’ll see a surge in the last 90 days.
But despite this uptick, it’s essential to keep in mind that travelers have entirely different expectations.

So, how can the travel industry prepare for the comeback travel wave and stay ahead of the curve?

For better understanding, take a look at the presentation slides.

5 strategies to prepare you for the comeback travel on Paid Social

  • Know what travelers want throughout their journey
  • Deliver personalized ads with Dynamic Creative
  • Run Creative Testing experiments
  • Focus on localization & customization
  • Choose the right social platform and ad format

What do travelers want in 2023? Well, to get lost, to say the least. People miss the feeling of freedom and excitement that travel offers. And, whether it’s a domestic or international trip, they opt to spend more time researching destinations. And your ads need to keep up.

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