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This time on the Hunch Voice with Ema Moljevic, our Growth Marketing Manager, we spoke up about ad localization on Paid Social and showed you how to actually create and deliver hundreds of local ads in less than 5 minutes using Hunch. Sounds like a handful, but it’s fairly simple.

Questions answered:

  • What are the challenges of launching localized campaigns?
  • How to create and deliver hundreds of local ads in less than 5 minutes with Hunch?

The most common challenges every business' with multi-regional online stores or multiple retail locations face are how to produce the required number of assets and how to actually get those ads into a campaign, yet later to make changes. It would take hours to manually make the said changes, and then a day or two to launch them.
On Facebook, there are two parts to localization. The first is choosing the locations you want to target, and the second is contextualizing creatives for each location.

By the end of this video, you’ll know how to manage all that in under 5mins. Let me show you how.

And, if you think you missed something, here are the presentation slides.

Why are we doing this?

On the example we did through the Hunch platform, it’s obvious, we're launching a campaign which says you can order from any city, so it's important to show every city in case you're wondering if they deliver to your address, and now you're assured that they do.

Geographical contextualization helps users understand how the product gets to them, and are there any challenges or why should it be relevant to them (being as simple as ordering food from a restaurant which delivers to your city area or it could be something as big as a chain of stores or channel delivering through cities, etc.).

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👉 Next Steps

Want to put your localization on auto-pilot? How about exceeding your own goals while you're at it?

Reach us out again if you want to go local on Social, we'd be happy to help. Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager for further details. And in case you're not a Hunch customer yet, sign up for our platform demo.

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