Hunch Voice: This time from Hunch

This time on the Hunch Voice with Ema Moljevic, our Product Marketing Manager, we spoke up about the technology behind efficient asset production.

Every year more and more advertisers are betting on social media. That also means increased competition. A competition that is hard to beat without sufficiently leveraging technology. Everyone knows dynamic creative optimization is the way to go on digital and asset production should be automated as well.

The real question is what should you be looking for in a creative automation and management platform? Let’s dive into the underlying tech that can help you become more efficient so you can not only produce more ads but better ads.

For better understanding, take a look at the presentation slides.

The benefits of using a CMP

Efficient asset production hides in one platform that does everything for every platform at once.

When evaluating a creative management platform (CMP), here are the features you should ask to see:

  • Ad creator
  • Scaling tool
  • Ad templates
  • Publishing tool
  • Collaborative platform
  • Auto-translation
  • Analytics

👉 Next Steps

Creative automation is the engine behind any creative customization at scale. Using this technology, you will successfully combat the challenges of creating highly personalized ads at a massive scale and keeping on-brand creatives through omnichannel campaigns.

Unlock the great potential of creative automation and enhance your creative process!

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