Hunch Voice: This time from Hunch

Welcome to the Hunch Voice Heroes with Ema Moljevic, our Product Marketing Manager, where we bring you the heroes of our being - our partners. This episode’s hero is Albert Moreno, CEO at FEEDB<CK, a Spanish creative production agency focused on scalable production of digital content. You’ll hear the success behind one of their clients, a fresh food retailer focused on high-end groceries, which needed to optimize online promotions for their business.

Questions answered:

  • What challenges were FEEDB<CK facing and what motivated them to solve them?
  • What was the creative strategy behind their client's case and how did they approach it?
  • How did the partnership impact FEEDB<CK's marketing strategy?
  • How does FEEDB<CK use Hunch’s product, and what do they think of the process?
  • What have they learned from using DCO on Social?

FEEDB<CK are a leading creative digital production agency from Barcelona, specialized in optimizing and adapting marketing campaigns to any channel, market, and format.

Their client, Ametller – a fresh food retailer focused on high-end groceries, needed to optimize online promotions for their business. Ametller is a traditional retailer who realized this need and reached out to Feedback who knew Hunch had just the solution for them.

Ametller has been FEEDB<CK's first full DCO project experience, where they've led everything from defining the strategy to implementation and optimization. See how they made their client win on Social with a personalized approach at scale using DCO.

For better understanding, take a look at the presentation slides.

FEEDB<CK's results, so far:

  • 2000 personalized ads
  • 58% ROAS uplift
  • 30% drop in CPA
  • Better conversion rates
  • Massive purchases
  • Increased ad relevance and performance

Partnering with Hunch allowed FEEDB<CK to deliver a high-converting performance video ad campaign which was scalable. Hunch automated ads powered the campaign with almost 2000 personalized ads, so the offer was always relevant and up to date.

FEEDB<CK produced social ads in an automated way from data, allowing them to create personalized messages in real-time for different audiences and contexts in a much more scalable way using dynamic video and templated image formats.

👉 Next Steps

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