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Does Dynamic Creative really help with conversions?

Does Dynamic Creative really help with conversions?
Does Dynamic Creative really help with conversions?
Does Dynamic Creative really help with conversions?
Ema Moljevic
Product Marketing Manager

Hunch Voice: This time from Hunch

This time on the Hunch Voice with Ema Moljevic, our Product Marketing Manager, we spoke up about that one thing all top brands use to turn real-time data into thousands of personalized offerings to users, converting them into their customers.

Yes, we’re talking about Dynamic Creative Ads, and we answered does dynamic creative really help with conversions and showed you exactly how you can use dynamic creatives for your brand.

Dynamic creative fuels personalized digital advertising by delivering the right message, at the right time to the right person. Dynamic ads allow you to swap out ad components to build new creatives automatically. On the other side, Dynamic creative optimization or DCO allows you to serve personalized ads based on data sets you provide, whether it’s location, interest, language, device or behavior among other metrics.

For better understanding, take a look at the presentation slides.

Does Dynamic Creative really help with conversions?

I could save you the effort of watching the rest of the video and just tell you that dynamic creative helps with conversion rates and is a great alternative to generic ads.
But that wouldn’t be enough, right?

So don’t take my word for it. Instead, we’re going to break down the exact strategy e-commerce brands that have adopted dynamic creative have used to get amazing results.

Can you use Facebook’s dynamic creative to see immense results like these?

Well, yes and no. Facebook’s dynamic creative allows you to test different ad components and the algorithm tells you which combination was best received by users.

But there are certain limitations to Facebook’s DCO. For one, it is nearly impossible to do this at scale if you have hundreds or thousands of products. Having your creative team come up with the copy and creative for all those products will take you days if not months.

And the secret to success on Facebook is creative cycling which means asking your creative team to churn out another set of creatives.

The solution is to use a creative automation platform that’s a Meta Business Partner like Hunch.

Hunch gives you the ability to personalize ads using data in real-time. All you have to do is connect your product feed and use Hunch’s templates to automatically launch hundreds of on-brand dynamic ads. And you can use Hunch campaign automated rules to optimize creatives for your key KPIs helping you see the lift in campaign performance you want.

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