Telenor drives performance through on-brand ads with Creative automation

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Telenor is one of the biggest Telco providers in SEE and a top player in telecommunications.
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Telenor is one of the largest Telco providers in SEE. The company is a top player in telecommunications and it has gained trust of well over 3 million users. While answering the needs of such a massive user-base, Telenor strives to stay competitive. The company always has a powerful approach to paid social, but now they managed to raise the bar.

That’s why they partnered with Hunch to put on-brand creatives on autopilot while boosting their ROAS at the same time.

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Effective product promotion while maintaining creative consistency

Telenor’s way of promoting products online continually delivers impact, although traditional options for paid social advertising are rather limited. Their entire range of possible product combinations – including, mobile phone, plans and accessories – needs to be promoted more efficiently, while maintaining brand consistency throughout the customer buying journey.

However, manually producing relevant customer journeys with all the possible plans and phones would prove to be a daunting task and would require lot of time and resources.

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Creative automation for personalized customer journeys

With creative automation, Telenor was able to design and implement personalized customer journeys that delivered 3x return on paid social.

Telenor now creates thousands of powerful on-brand ads at scale – showing the right phone, with the right plan, with dynamic creative designs that have high-impact. This means that ads are no longer generic and are visually more appealing. The on-brand DPA creatives are a perfect extension to how Telenor communicates its brand through all other channels.

In addition, Telenor used Hunch’s catalog management and campaign optimization solution to ensure an incremental lift in performance.

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1000s of on-brand creatives in a fraction of time

Telenor’s new partnership with Hunch uncovered a highly effective and innovative method of product promotion via Paid Social.

The company now delivers on-brand DPAs, which create impact and enable brand consistency. A/B testing is now a quicker and easier process.

Their in-house performance team is saving a huge chunk of valuable production time. Implementing any changes to related campaigns or creatives is fast and seamless.

Feel free to reach out and discover more about streamlining your performance marketing through creative automation for Facebook and Instagram.

Branded DPAs

Using the Hunch Creative Studio, Telenor generates 1000s templatized on-brand Dynamic product ads that are perfectly aligned with how it communicates its brand through multiple channels.


"Hunch helped us improve our ROAS. Their platform allows you to create dynamic ads that are not generic."

Dusan Stojanovic
Dusan Stojanovic
Social Media Advertising Expert