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Delivering creative and media excellence to industry leading marketing teams

Reduced time-to-launch to zero
Cross channel Dynamic Creative for Sports betting
3x return on Paid Social
Dynamic video on Paid Social
Feed-fueled Dynamic travel ads
Online booking soar with Dynamic videos
30% ROAS uplift
50% Decrease in CPA
data-driven creatives
campaign management

Creative at scale

Hunch is a creative automation platform that combines dynamic creative video & image production with automated ad buying.


Streamline your data management with Hunch. Connect your existing feeds or create new ones, easily segment and map values, and add conditional data interpretation layers. With Hunch, you can turn your data into creatives for each item in your catalog with ease.


Unleash the potential of your image and video content with Hunch’s Dynamic Creative through feed values and layer conditioning. Prepare one design to be used across multiple channels and deliver tailored experiences to each audience. Easily download and use your creatives on any channel, or connect them to your catalog and launch campaigns on channels supported by Hunch.


Transform your data into personalized, up-to-date campaigns with Hunch. Connect product, location, weather, or any other 3rd-party data that’s important to you and streamline your time-to-market. Hunch’s open-data platform offers comprehensive data management solutions. It helps you consistently drive operational efficiencies, revenue uplifts, and faster go-to-market initiatives.


Utilize native platform and 3rd-party analytics data to build rules for monitoring and optimizing your campaign’s performance. With Hunch, you can easily build rules, alerts & reports based on the KPIs you select. Hunch has integrations for both Google Analytics and Adjust, giving you the ability to optimize your campaigns based on data and metrics from these platforms.

results are everything

customer stories
G Adventures

Transform Travel marketing

G Adventures dominates the adventure travel game with Automated ads.

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Hours saved per week
automated workflow
personalized journeys
Genero & Ruokaboksi

Maximize Local impact

Genero optimizes online customer acquisition through localization.

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drop in cpl
lowered cac
localized ads
Adwise & Lucardi

Unlock Retail success

Adwise leveraged Hunch enhanced DPA for perfect-matching templates.

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rise in roi
product assets
different markets


Enabling marketers to focus on strategy by automating creative production & media buying.

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Feed Management

Map, extend or build your data feeds with ease, seamlessly import and organize your data

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Feed enrichment

Enrich your feeds with URLs to intelligent creatives made in the Hunch Creative Studio and completely control your data

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Creative management

Manage digital assets and streamline the creative production processes

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Dynamic Templates

Create high-quality, on-brand visuals in real-time with real data

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3rd-party data integration

Import 3rd-party data sources to your feeds to bring in additional data and insights like exact locations or real-time weather conditions

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Hunch Creative Studio

Leverage Hunch’s Creative Studio to build custom templates from scratch or import designs from PSD files

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Use automated ads to streamline the ad creation process, save time and effort

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Programmatic delivery

Use Hunch’s integrations with AdForm and The Trade Desk to programmatically deliver image and video assets

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Integration with Google Data Studio

Build custom reports and dashboards allowed by the Google Data Studio integration

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Automated Campaign Deployment

Streamline the campaign deployment process with automated workflows and real-time syncing

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Expertise and Support

Rely on Hunch's team of strategy experts for support and guidance and get the most out of our platform

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Creative collaboration

Collaborate on your content with external and internal stakeholders and ensure high-quality and on-brand visuals using Hunch’s Preview and Review tools

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Creative flexibility

Elevate your creative production with endless possibilities for customization and personalization that the Hunch Creative Studio offers

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Omnichannel ad delivery

Reach the right audience on the right platform with Hunch, the platform that supports full Meta and Snapchat integrations

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Customizable templates

Create dynamic designs for product catalogs, leverage catalog data to build the most relevant creative for each product

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Scale your ad campaigns quickly and easily to reach larger audiences with personalized targeted creatives

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