Ukelele saw a 60% increase in efficiency with Hunch campaign creation and automation

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Ukelele is a growth marketing agency that accelerates the growth of eCommerce stores, increasing quality traffic, optimizing the conversion rate and increasing ROI.
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Buenos Aires, ARG
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Ukelele is a leading agency in Argentina specializing in Growth Marketing for eCommerce. They help startups and medium-sized companies achieve rapid and sustainable growth. Ukelele was able to spend more time on creating strategic decisions for their clients at scale by using Hunch’s automated and dynamic features.

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A unified automated process

“We needed something extra beyond the work processes.”

Ukelele experienced rapid internal and external growth.

Creating a system that worked the same regardless of the person who managed it was imperative towards maintaining homogeneity in the quality of the services they provide to their clients. Prior to using Hunch, Ukelele tried other advertising solutions and various manual processes to help manage their campaign performances.

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The Hunch creative automation platform

Together with Ukelele, our Hunch professional onboarding team implemented best practice automation techniques which included training Hunch ambassadors from the Ukelele team. This was the best solution for onboarding a rapidly growing marketing team. We stood on standby during this time offering support as and when needed.


  • Highlighted the significance of our automation features: rules, alerts and reports
  • Added dynamic elements to the Hunch Studio
  • Created predefined designs for them to experiment with
  • Demonstrated how Ukelele’s team can save time by creating campaign templates which saved the effort of repetitively entering data
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Greater client retention and work hours saved

“Once you use Hunch you don’t want to go back, in fact I am afraid that one day Hunch crashes and I have to use the Business Manager again…”

  • 60% increase in the amount of client accounts they were able to manage
  • Saved an average of one hour per day per client to strategize and plan
  • Experienced greater client retention than the year before
  • Ukelele now makes decisions based on metrics they receive from Hunch as opposed to processing data manually

Find out how you can get the same results for your retargeting campaigns.

Automated creatives

Save time with creative automation by creating campaign templates without repetitively entering data.


"With a 60% increase in efficiency using automated rules and dynamic ads with custom image templates, Hunch helped us streamline our workflow and increase ROI for our clients."

Julieta Pamo Rabaje
Julieta Pamo Rabaje
Performance Manager