Genero’s recipe for growth: Optimizing online customer acquisition through localization

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Genero is a full-service growth marketing agency that helps companies achieve better results, focusing on measurable digital marketing.
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Genero are a full-service Nordic growth marketing powerhouse, whose aim is to help their customer companies grow and achieve better results, focusing on measurable digital marketing.

They combine creativity and technology based on strategic insights to deliver the best results for their customers.

Genero works with Ruokaboksi, a Finnish meal kit service which delivers recipes and ingredients to their clients. Noticing a rising interest for meal kit services and new consumer trends, Ruokaboksi was one of the first services to emerge on the Finnish meal kit market, and now keep their ground strong.

Being a startup pioneer in the newly rising market, Ruokaboksi needed well-defined growth strategies, resource allocations, as well as optimization of media and digital marketing strategies and channels.

With the help of Hunch’s personalized creatives based on location, Genero managed to push Ruokaboksi a step further on their journey into becoming the leading service in the Finnish meal kit league.

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Lower advertising costs through granular targeting

To get better results, Genero needed to get Ruokaboksi CPMs down, for which they needed to get more granular.

Targeting and optimizing on a city level allows for better frequency and impression control than relying on campaign budget optimization.

Also, personalized creative consistently outperforms generic creative, but then you’re faced with production costs and time requirements which often make this impossible to do.

To solve both challenges, Genero partnered with Hunch. By using Hunch automated ads, Ruokaboksi was able to launch hundreds of personalized creatives at a fraction of the cost and time needed, resulting in reduced CPMs and CPAs.

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Optimizing online customer acquisition through localization

Having two campaigns, 230 ad groups and 700 ads is a monstrous structure to manage if you do it manually. Ruokaboksi scaled spending, improved results, and reduced workload by using Hunch automated ads to streamline this process.

With the help of the Hunch platform, launching localization campaigns was less time-consuming. Gathering the material and producing the necessary dynamic templates were super easy and fast for the team once they had the first campaign in place.

By using Hunch Automated ads, Ruokaboksi was able to build dynamic templates and campaigns, effectively turning the task of creation of 700 ads and 230 ad sets into the creation of a single ad template, and one dynamic ad set in a campaign.

Geo-targeting, localized ads, and ad set level budget optimization were some of the aspects which contributed to the campaigns’ overall success. But none of this would be possible to do (or it would be extremely inefficient) without automating the tedious parts of running a campaign, such as content creation and publishing the actual ads.

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A huge reduction in workload and costs

Using Hunch automated ads to create dynamic localized content considerably helped Ruokaboksi in reducing the workload, especially since now they’re running ads at scale with over 200 ad sets. If it had to be done manually, it would’ve been a huge challenge for Ruokaboksi.

And numbers always speak for themselves, so by now, the Genero/Ruokaboksi partnership rocks hard with:

  • 2 campaigns (lead and purchase)
  • 230 ad sets
  • more than 700 Facebook ads
  • CPL drop by 82.4%
  • CAC drop by 62%

By using Hunch to automate campaign and ad delivery, Ruokaboksi scaled spending, improved results, and significantly reduced their workload.

If you’d like to find out more about how Hunch can help your business increase sales through localized social advertising, then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch for a free strategy call.

Localized targeted creatives

With Hunch's Automated ads, Genero streamlined their ad creation process by building dynamic templates, reducing the task of creating 700 ads and 230 ad sets to just one template and one dynamic ad set in a campaign.

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"We’re running over 700 Facebook ads, with scaled spending and improved results, and we reduced our workload by using Hunch to automate campaign and ad delivery."

Heiman Safeen
Heiman Safeen
Senior Growth Marketer