Fjuz automates creative and delivery to local audiences, spending their budget where it matters the most

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Fjuz is a Norwegian full-stack advertising agency that helps large and small brands to succeed online.
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Skien/Oslo, NO
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Fjuz is a Norwegian full-stack advertising agency that helps large and small brands to succeed online. They offer a full range of services such as digital marketing and strategy, concept development, website development, social media and SEO – all pieces to complete their customers’ puzzle.

The Fjuz team already knew that local advertising works better than centralized advertising. They’ve experienced the benefits of local ads first-hand for their client C-Optikk. They confirmed that hypothesis with running A/B tests.

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Local Ads for hundreds of neighborhoods with smart budget allocation

Fjuz’s client, C-optikk, has 170 stores around the country. Not all of them are running digital campaigns, but over a hundred stores are included in their advertising campaigns. The solution is customized so that it is easy to remove or include stores.

That’s too many to handle manually regarding asset production and ad distribution, while knowing each geo-location is different. The audience population is also different. Some of the stores also stand for a higher turnover than others, and budget allocation following that is hard for letting Facebook decide where the money goes.

But without automation, localization is not an easy feat.

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Hunch automated workflows and budget allocation

Fjuz joined forces with Hunch to eliminate labor work and execute their workflows smarter (and automated).

After creating a feed via spreadsheets, Fjuz was able to set up campaigns with far better efficiency, even with hundreds of ad sets. That saves a ton of time for their media buying team.

The automated ads function enabled Fjuz to advertise from every store’s own Facebook page, where the image, font, ad headline, text and description can be dynamically personalized to its location. It comes out perfectly through the use of Hunch dynamic templates.

Another thing that makes Hunch automated ads a great solution for Fjuz, is that they can create one campaign and one ad set for each location – and set different budgets for every ad set, whether it’s a store or a destination.

They had situations where they needed to make a quick text or image change, and normally Fjuz would’ve been stuck changing 50-100 variants manually. With automated ads, they can make changes in minutes, no matter how many stores or locations are advertised. Stores could have different products that should be promoted, but through spreadsheets, it’s easy to manage them all.

An additional benefit of running hyper-targeted campaigns is that Fjuz can create a distribution key based on percent, and allocate the budget based on geolocation and turnover.

According to Robin Askevold, Senior Performance Marketer at Fjuz, they got a much lower CPM, lower CPC, and better CTR after implementing this function.

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National to local, with better results

Without embracing automated workflows, Fjuz would have to run the campaigns as one destination, letting Facebook decide where to channel the money. A/B testing has shown that local ads perform better than on a global scale.

At Hunch, creative automation is accompanied by workflow optimization. That resulted in tons of saved time. Their Design team reported that they saved a bunch of design-time.

Fjuz’s client, C-optikk, has seen great results since they allocated budget based on the geo-location and store turnover.

If you’d like to find out more about how Hunch can help your business increase sales through localized social experiences, get in touch for a quick strategy call.

About Customer
Fjuz is a Norwegian full-stack advertising agency that helps large and small brands to succeed online.
Agency / Performance
Skien/Oslo, NO
Hunch features used
Workflow automation

Localized Automated Ads

Fjuz was able to customize advertising for each store location through the automated ads feature, allowing them to advertise on their own Facebook page with dynamic personalization of the image, font, ad headline, text, and description.

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"Local ads perform better than global ads. Hunch Automated Ads solution helped us to deliver localized experiences to hundreds of stores, while saving us tons of time."

Jørgen Simensen
Jørgen Simensen
Head of Performance at Fjuz