Weather & Location ad relevance

Connect product, location, weather, or any other 3rd-party data that’s important to you and streamline your market launch time.

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Delivering creative and media excellence to industry leading marketing teams

Reduced time-to-launch to zero
Cross channel Dynamic Creative for Sports betting
3x return on Paid Social
Dynamic video on Paid Social
Feed-fueled Dynamic travel ads
Online booking soar with Dynamic video
30% ROAS uplift
50% Decrease in CPA

3rd-party data integration

Import 3rd-party data sources to your feeds to bring in additional data and insights like exact coordinates or real-time weather conditions.

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More relevance

Deliver contextualized offers through relevant creatives to users by selecting specific locations and setting up weather condition triggers.

Direct communication

Location data combined with the weather forecast is updated hourly and delivers the right messages at right time to its designated audience.

Increased customer engagement

Show consumers that they are not being served a mass campaign, but instead a tailored advertisement for things that they are interested in.