Create FOMO with Countdowns

Show special timed promotions with a daily countdown to communicate urgency in special promotions.

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Reduced time-to-launch to zero
Cross channel Dynamic Creative for Sports betting
3x return on Paid Social
Dynamic video on Paid Social
Feed-fueled Dynamic travel ads
Online booking soar with Dynamic video
30% ROAS uplift
50% Decrease in CPA

Clearance sale in 3, 2, 1...days!

Using conditional layers in DPA templates, set up countdown timers or call to action cues for how long the promotion will last.

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Communicate urgency

Define days left for special promotions and urge shoppers to make a purchase.

Grab attention

Timers give space for design freedom and reducing flashing countdowns are sure to stop the scroll on your creative.

Increased conversion rate

A sense of urgency combined with a good discount on the promoted offer is something shoppers cannot refuse.