Reduce time-to-market

Global launches enable advertisers to render 1000s of videos and deliver them to the right location, using local language, copy, and codes. All thanks to Hunch workflow automation.

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Delivering creative and media excellence to industry leading marketing teams

Reduced time-to-launch to zero
Cross channel Dynamic Creative for Sports betting
3x return on Paid Social
Dynamic video on Paid Social
Feed-fueled Dynamic travel ads
Online booking soar with Dynamic video
30% ROAS uplift
50% Decrease in CPA

Global / Local automated launches

Centralize your launch system to a single “command center” data source, reducing launch times from days to an hour while producing and delivering 1000s of image and video ads daily

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Hyper-localized campaigns

Automatically launch campaigns specifically targeted to a very narrow geographic location, such as a city block, or a neighborhood to deliver a tailored message and a personalized creative.

Creative production

With creative automation, you can automate each part of the production of creative assets, which leads to automating the whole process of ad production for all placements.

Automated workflows

By using creative and campaign automation, you can reduce time-to-launch from days to hours, automatically launching 1000s of ads.