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Blue Pack Marketing

Blue Pack Marketing scales ROAS with advanced automation

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Blue Pack specializes in branding, social media advertising, fulfillment, and a multitude of other things.
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North Carolina, USA
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Blue Pack Marketing, works with Piper Lou, a brand that aims to get people laughing through the fun designs of its clothing and accessories. Since it formalized the Piper Lou brand in 2016, Blue Pack has undergone significant growth. It has taken over 500,000 orders and shipped over 1 million items.

Using Hunch advanced automated rules and reports, Blue Pack was able to scale and control their ad spend, increase their performance and save time during this period of tremendous growth.

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Scale performance on Paid Social

To sustain its growth, manually managing campaign performance was out of the question. It would be inefficient, leave room for human error, and opportunities to scale winning strategies would go unnoticed. Taking advantage of a tool that would enable the Blue Pack team to continue to perform well without losing sight of ad spend and campaign performance was essential.

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Hunch Advanced automated rules

Hunch partnered with Blue Pack to set up advanced automated rules that would keep close watch over campaign performance and overall ROAS.

Unleashing the potential of automated rules, we helped them to automate the process of detecting ads that started to go stale and refresh them. To do this we utilized the “Pause and Clone” rule which identified all delivering Facebook Ad Sets that had a dramatic decrease in ad spend and cloned them. The clones started performing as well as the originals had done prior to going stale.

Blue Pack was able to control their ad spend by setting metrics that determined “staleness” and were assured that the issues would be rectified automatically.

We also helped the Blue Pack team set up KPI reporting through Slack and email. The reports made it possible for the team to receive notifications regarding their ad spend and revenue. Blue Pack was able to set their own metrics and collect data from their Facebook ad and Google Ads accounts without having to calculate ROAS from each platform individually.

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Scaled and controled ad spend with tons of work hours saved

Maximizing Hunch automated rules and reports allowed Blue Pack to save time, scale and control its ad spend.

"Many aspects of ad management we didn’t believe were able to be automated, Hunch came in and easily automated them. The software has streamlined a lot of ad management functions and communication through automated alerts. Time is the most valuable asset for us and this has allowed us to free ourselves up to scale budgets, improve operations, and take on more clients. We’ve been able to handle 5x the monthly advertising budgets than we were able to prior to utilizing Hunch and without adding any additional labor. Profitability has increased 27% with increased efficiencies. It has allowed us to graduate from strictly media buyers into business owners. The trenches can effectively be managed by software while the overall strategic plan receives much more attention while allowing the battle with algorithms to be fought with software." -Keegan Rush, Co-Founder

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Blue Pack Marketing

"We’ve been able to handle 5x the monthly advertising budgets than we were able to prior to utilizing Hunch and without adding any additional labor."

Keegan Rush
Keegan Rush