Advanced automation based on rules helped us control our CPA, save time and increase our performance.

Pedro Talavera, Senior Digital Campaign Manager



Gogetit is a new real estate portal for buying and renting properties in Panama that aims to transform the property search into a social experience. They were able to save time, increase their performance and control their CPA using advanced automation rules within Hunch.


Gogetit currently lists over 135k properties on its website; managing campaign performance was arduous and time consuming for its growing online real estate platform. Utilizing a system that would enable the Gogetit team to manage its growing customer base without growing its team was imperative.  


Hunch worked with the Gogetit team to automate their campaigns and only show customers available properties while the team worked with brokers and users to manage the property listings.

We demonstrated the power of automation for companies running +100k ads by helping them create rules within Hunch that automatically pause campaigns when they reach thresholds. 

For example, this is useful because brokers can manage only a limited number of viewing requests at any given time. Once enough conversions have been achieved, campaigns are paused to prevent unnecessary spend. Gogetit also utilized Hunch rules to unpause campaigns; for example, each morning ads were unpaused and launched in line with their working hours. 

Our alerts made it possible for the Gogetit team to receive notifications of important metrics whilst their campaigns ran on autopilot. Maximizing rules and alerts within Hunch freed up time for the Gogetit team to improve its performance.


Maximizing rules and alerts within Hunch freed up time for the Gogetit team to improve its performance. Gogetit was also able to control its CPA. 

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About GoGetIit
GoGetIt is the leading Real Estate marketplace in Latin America that will turn your property search into a social experience. With Gogetit you can find the property you are looking for while learning from the experience of others, enabling you to make a better decision. On GoGetIt, people share their experience about zones (Costa del este, san francisco, el cangrejo, etc), buildings, gated communities, apartments, houses and real estate brokers through their ratings & reviews system. At Gogetit they believe "Together we know more about real estate"​
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